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These are the best Alcatel Idol 5 cases to keep your Idol looking perfect

Alcatel Idol 5 review
Christian de Looper/Digital Trends
You’ve taken the plunge and got yourself a brand new Alcatel Idol 5. Congratulations! The Idol 5 boasts a few additions that make it a little more resistant to damage than the older model, but your new phone is still far from impervious to harm from the outside world. So why not grab yourself a protective case to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it? Here is a selection of the best Alcatel Idol 5 cases available to keep your Idol looking perfect.

PopCulture Gel Case ($9)

Sometimes simple is the best choice. This case from PopCulture combines a bunch of great protective qualities into one slim case, so you won’t get that bulky feel you can get from many rugged cases. Tough and flexible TPU provides good shock-resistance and a textured surface that helps you keep a grip of your phone, while raised edges along the outside of the case mean that your screen won’t be damaged by any surfaces you place it down on. Reinforced corners give it even more shock-resistance in those vulnerable areas, and the case comes in a wide variety of colors — including an option for your own photo.

PopCulture Gel Case

MyFavCell Brushed Metal-Style Shock Case ($8)

If you’re after something with a little more protection, but prefer a slim profile, then take a look at this case. It’s a dual-layer case, so a soft inner layer of TPU handles shock absorption, while the outer layer of hard polycarbonate (PC) takes more direct hits. But despite that toughness, it’s still pretty slim when attached to your phone. Air-cushioned corners keep those areas safe from harm, and the understated brushed metal-style complements any look. A magnetic kickstand at the back also gives your phone more utility, and allows you to set it down at the ideal viewing angle.

MyFavCell Brushed Metal-Style Shock Case

NakedShield Defender Case ($12)

Naked? Anything but! NakedShield’s Defender case is the first in the Alcatel Idol 5’s options for extreme defense. This Defender case is a dual-layer case, so an inner layer of TPU handles shocks, while the outer shield of hard PC tackles anything more direct. The TPU layer wraps around the phone, giving your fingers a soft surface to enhance grip, while the PC clips around the TPU, ensuring great protection. A kickstand on the rear allows for easy viewing angles when set down and an optional holster means you can easily clip your phone to your belt. Finally, there is a massive range of styles and looks available, including the option to have your own photo added to the rear of the case.

NakedShield Defender Case

Evocel New Generation Case ($10)

Rugged cases come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s what Evocel is offering with this rugged holster case. It’s much the same as the NakedShield Defender case, with a dual-layer construction that uses the properties of TPU and PC to keep your device safe and sound, but offers a different, more understated style. If you’re not a fan of the extremely in-your-face approach taken by NakedShield, then you might like Evocel’s attempt at a quieter style of case. An optional holster means you can clip it to your belt, and the Evocel logo on the back conceals an extremely well-hidden kickstand as well.

Amazon Evocel

TurtleArmor Dynamic Shell Case ($10)

Another supremely defensive option, TurtleArmor‘s Dynamic Shell case follows the crowd and combines our old friends TPU and PC for the all-encompassing drop protection that you expect from a rugged case. But what does TurtleArmor do differently? Like the Evocel case, this case is much more understated, though there are a variety of options if you want something more ostentatious. The unique design of the rear kickstand can be used to stand the phone in both landscape and portrait, making it an excellent option for video calls on Google’s Duo app — and it offers great protection to boot.


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