Don’t fall for the jokes! All the hilarious April Fools’ Day 2015 tech gags

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Drones for deliveries, vacuum cleaning, and shooting adult movies

Drones over the skies of London

If Uber used drones to deliver stuff, it would be Bizzby Sky, an on-demand, drone delivery system has launched over the skies of London. This is one of those gags which could be entirely genuine — and almost is thanks to services like Amazon’s Prime Air and Bizzby’s own service — but it’s not, at least, not yet.

bizzby drones london

Henry the lovable vacuum cleaner reimagined as a drone

Henry, the popular vacuum cleaner with a cute face, has been made into a drone. See him happily float around the room in the short video below, and be concerned that RS Components says it could theoretically reach 22mph when traveling in a straight line. You definitely wouldn’t want to get in the way of an 8.5kg flying Henry at that speed. On the positive side, you’d never need a ladder to get rid of those hard to reach cobwebs ever again.

Alcohol deliveries by drone

Southern Comfort also thinks drone deliveries are amusing, and has come up with SoCo2Go, its own way of bringing the well known whiskey to thirsty drinkers wherever they may be. Southern Comfort says the project has taken four years, but we think coming up with the gag took considerably less time than that. Still, the video’s pretty good.

Those drones over Paris were shooting adult movies

Here’s a really weird one. French publication L’Obs says the mysterious drones buzzing Paris recently are linked to the adult film industry, and have been filming couples having sex au naturel. The story links to an old, unrelated (and NSFW) video called Drone Boning, which it says was seized during the arrest of connected individuals. All this made it too strange not to include.

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