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Keep your phone flipping with the best Asus Zenfone 6 cases

The Zenfone 6 from Asus is one of the most unique and powerful smartphones on the market. But with its bezel-free design and rotating rear camera, it’s also one of the most delicate. So, it’s vital that you keep your Zenfone safe from drops and other hazards.

We’ll help you take the guesswork out of selecting a case for your phone in this article. Read on to discover the best cases available for your Zenfone 6.

Dux Ducis Leather Folio Case

Even with the motorized camera, you can give your Asus Zenfone 6 a premium makeover by throwing on a leather folio case by Dux Ducis. While it isn’t real leather, the synthetic material that coats the case feels and smells like the actual thing. Release the magnetic closure and you’ll find a sleeve that can hold up to two cards, and an opening on the top for your camera to rotate out. The leather folio also doubles as a kickstand so you can watch videos and movies at a comfortable angle. The Zenfone 6 can also use wireless charging without removing the case.

Leychan Rugged Armor Case

Perhaps you’re more of an outdoor person, or simply want the most protection you can get. Enter the Leychan Rugged Armor case. With a herringbone design similar to that of car tires, the case provides excellent drop protection for your device. Around the sides of the case is a honeycomb-like pattern, so you’ll be able to firmly grip your Zenfone 6 and not have to worry about it slipping. The built-in kickstand is easy to prop up and has a clicking mechanism that keeps it sturdy. Leychan offers this in a variety of colors — there’s bound to be one that suits your taste.

RhinoShield CrashGuard Bumper

RhinoShield is best known for its screen protection, but that doesn’t mean you should discount its other offerings. While there’s not much to the CrashGuard bumper, it offers a lot of protection to make up for it. Snapping onto the outer edges of your phone, the CrashGuard offers drop protection of up to 11 feet (3.5 meters) thanks to RhinoShield’s ShockSpread technology. It’s thin too, adding next to no bulk to your phone. Of course, it’s just a bumper, so there’s no scratch protection for the back of your phone, but that also works to your advantage if you don’t want to hide your Zenfone 6 away. It’s only really proof against drops, but it’s very good at that.

Kugi Ultra Slim Clear Case

For slim protection that doesn’t cost the world or impair your phone’s design, you can’t do much better than a clear case. This clear case from Kugi ticks all the right boxes, combining the shock-resistance of TPU with a completely clear design that allows your phone’s good looks to shine through. There’s a slightly raised edge to keep your phone from resting on surfaces, and while the slim TPU won’t be able to match larger cases, it should still do a great job of protecting your phone against minor bumps, drops, and scratches. It doesn’t interfere with the Zenfone 6’s flip-up camera, and it has a bargain price too.

Dretal Brushed Carbon Fiber-style Case

Not all cases avoid making a statement, and if you want your choice of protection to advance a certain look, then the unique style of Dretal’s case is worth your time. It’s made from tough, black TPU that provides good protection against drops with reinforced corners, and great protection against scratches. It’s stylized to look like brushed metal with carbon fiber panels at either end, giving it a futuristic, sci-fi quality. There’s a raised edge for further protection for your screen and camera lenses, and there’s a complete cutout to allow your camera to flip out easily. It’s also not a bad price.

Anccer Slim Hard Case

If you’re looking for something a little harder than your standard TPU, then polycarbonate is for you. This hard material is thin and light, but also extremely strong, providing great scratch protection. Sound good? Then slap some on your Zenfone 6 with this case from Anccer. A gravel-style texture adds grip to your phone, while a raised bezel stops grit and dirt from marring your phone’s screen or camera lenses. There’s a cutout for the camera, and it comes in a variety of colors. However, the hard material won’t be the best for absorbing shocks, and it doesn’t fully cover the sides of your phone.

Bettop Shockproof Anti-Slip Case

Nothing says “style” quite like leather. No, this offering from Bettop doesn’t sport real leather — not at this price — but the textured PU does an excellent job of simulating a leather look and feel, adding grip for your fingers. The soft TPU the rest of the case is made from offers protection against drops and absorbs shocks from impacts. It’s also good against scratches, and the additional plate of PU leather offers even more protection. While it’s not going to fool people when they get close, this is still a good-looking case that provides ample protection — and at a low price too.

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