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The 5 best cases to keep your Galaxy A5 (2017) looking good

2017 Honda Civic Type R
If you love the design of Samsung’s Galaxy phones but can’t stomach the price, then the budget-based A range might be the ideal solution for you. The Galaxy A5 is a decent mid-range phone with a lovely 5.2-inch Super AMOLED screen, good battery life, and plenty of power under the hood. It’s also water-resistant, though, you’re still going to need to protect the glass-and-aluminum body. Fortunately, each of the cases below should do the trick — assuming you have the 2017 A5.

Spigen Liquid Air Case ($13)

Spigen Liquid Air Case

This flexible TPU case is easy to fit and feels comfortable in the hand. There’s a texture on the back to add some grip, chunky button covers that are easy to find, and accurate cut-outs for your phone’s ports and camera. The case extends beyond the screen around the front, helping protect it if it should land face down. This isn’t a rugged case, but it should be able to handle the occasional bump and short drop.

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case ($12)

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

You probably chose the A5 for its good looks, so why hide them? This Ringke case allows you to add a layer of protection without completely covering your phone’s stylish aesthetic. It combines a transparent back panel with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper. The corners are also reinforced for decent drop protection, and there’s a protective bezel around the screen, slim button covers, and accurate openings for all your phone’s functions. You can get a clear version, as well as a rose gold or smoke black model.

Samsung Clear View Cover ($35)

Samsung Clear View Cover

We’re big fans of the official Clear View Cover from Samsung, but we wish it wasn’t so expensive. The transparent shell hugs your A5, and there’s a folio-style cover to protect the screen. When not in use, the cover works as mirror, but when a call or notification comes in, you can see it through the cover, so there’s no need to open it. In fact, you can even use the touchscreen through the cover. It’s a slim case and, as you’d expect, all buttons and features are accessible, thanks to a bevy of accurate cut-outs.

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case ($13)

Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case

This practical case sports looks like leather, though it’s actually plastic. There’s a basic shell inside to hold your A5 in place, as well as accurate openings for easy access to your phone’s controls, camera, and ports. The cover wraps around the front and back and opens like a book. Inside, there are two slots for stowing your credit cards and ID. It also acts as a stand when folded back, allowing you to prop up the A5 in landscape mode. This A5 case comes in either a black or brown configuration.

Nillkin Ultra Slim Case ($10)

Nillkin Ultra Slim Case

Here’s a minimalist case for the A5 that should serve you well if you’re sick of smudges and looking for an enhanced grip. The svelte shell snaps onto the A5, but it just covers the back and part of the sides. There are also generous openings for your smartphone’s ports, buttons, and other functions. The back features a dimpled texture that makes it easier to grip your phone, but we wouldn’t expect it to provide much in the way of drop protection. This case comes in gold or black, and is best combined with a screen protector.

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