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Keep your phone shining like a star with one of the 10 best Galaxy S5 cases

best galaxy s5 cases
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The Galaxy S5 may have been superseded by the Galaxy S6Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S8, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an excellent phone. Those who already own one will likely want to hold on to it — if not just for its dust and water resistance — and those who are in the market for a new headset can now purchase the aging device for cheaper than ever before. Whether you’ve just picked up the headset or you’ve been holding onto it for years, you should consider some protection if you haven’t already. Below are some of the best Galaxy S5 cases available.

Cover-Up WoodBack Case ($26)

Cover-Up WoodBack Case best galaxy s5 cases
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If you want to cover that dimpled back with natural wood, then look no further. Cover-Up offers a wide range of different natural wood finishes including cherry, mahogany, maple, walnut, cedar, and many more. Your Galaxy S5 snaps into a black polycarbonate shell — in which the wooden back panel is sunk — which has a minimal design, leaving ports and controls open for easy access. This is a lightweight case, so it won’t provide really rugged protection, but it certainly adds a tough of style.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($20)

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case best galaxy s5 cases
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This case is all about multi-layer drop protection. First, there’s a flexible inner layer with heavily reinforced corners that deals with impact-related shocks, then a tough polycarbonate shell that locks into place over the top. The button covers are easy to find and use, the cut-outs are large enough not to interfere with functionality, and the case adds some grip. You also get a basic screen protector in the package for complete coverage.

Proporta Folio Case ($15)

Proporta Folio Case best galaxy s5 cases
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Sadly, you’re not going to get a real leather case at this price, but Proporta‘s “leather style” folio case is a decent option for the budget conscious. Your S5 slots into a thin plastic tray inside, and the fake leather cover wraps around it. There’s soft microfiber on the inside, but no pockets. You can also fold the cover back to use it as a landscape stand. It stays shut thanks to a magnetic closure clasp. The tray is thin and provides full access to controls and ports. You’ll also find a large opening in the back so you can use the camera with the case on, though it is a little awkward with this kind of folio case.

TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case ($19)

TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case best galaxy s5 cases
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If you need your Galaxy S5 to last a bit longer between charges then you’ll be pleased to know this case includes a 2,800mAh battery. Best case scenario, that’s enough juice to double the standard battery life. The clever design includes a dual-layer TPU case which is fairly slim and comfortable to hold. On the days you need extra juice simply slide it into the “Power Sleeve” and you can take advantage of the extended battery. It doesn’t interfere with NFC and you can charge and sync with the sleeve on.

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($18)

Spigen Tough Armor Case best galaxy s5 cases
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A combination of soft TPU inside and a hard polycarbonate shell is nothing new, but Spigen’s Tough Armor case combines style and protection very nicely. Air cushions in the corners are designed to disperse the shock of impact when you drop your S5. The back panel and the front lip ensure the phone is kept out of contact with potentially damaging surfaces. It also has extra big openings so you can easily use the heart rate monitor without removing the case.

Speck CandyShell Inked Case ($7)

Speck CandyShell Inked Case best galaxy s5 cases
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You’ll find a few eye-catching cases from Speck, and this bright floral design is among the loudest. These Galaxy S5 cases aren’t just pretty either, they actually offer military-grade drop protection thanks to the dual-layer design which combines a hard outer shell with an anti-scratch finish and a shock absorbent inner lining. Button covers and cut-outs for ports and camera are all precise, so your phone will continue to be as useable as ever. Just a lot brighter.

Tech21 Impact Mesh Case ($8)

Tech21 Impact Mesh Case best galaxy s5 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This TPU shell uses a special D3O material and a mesh pattern designed to absorb the shock of any impact, and dissipate it so your precious S5 isn’t damaged. The case is transparent and has all the precise cut-outs that you need to use the camera and access ports. It’s relatively slim and to give it some character, there’s a splash of orange around the edge. You can also get this case in blue or with a smokey finish.

X-Doria Scene Plus Case ($10)

X-Doria Scene Plus Case best galaxy s5 cases
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A hard outer shell and a rubber bumper makes a great protective combination for your Galaxy S5. The X-Doria case has a raised lip to protect the screen and button covers, but it’s the stylish 3D artwork that will attract you to this case. Thanks to a multi-layer printing process, these unique designs appear to have real depth and you can see past them to the phone beneath. If you don’t like the patterns you can get a plain version with a translucent back for $5 less.

Trident Kraken A.M.S. Case ($12)

Trident Kraken A.M.S. Case best galaxy s5 cases
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With a nice line in really rugged cases, Trident is a name you can trust, and the Kraken is the top of the range in terms of protection. This case can handle drops, vibration, dust, rain, and wind. It offers triple layer protection, including a screen protector, plus there’s a kickstand, a lanyard loop, and a holster. It is a bulky case, but it’s ideal for adventurous S5 owners who need a phone case to keep up with the pace.

UAG Urban Armor Gear Case ($47)

UAG Maverick Case best galaxy s5 cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Urban Armor Gear really nails that sharp, angular industrial look here, plus the case lives up to the style thanks to military standards for drop protection. It’s a typical blend of hard outer shell fused with an impact resistant core. The case also comes with screen guard. There are neat button covers and wide cut-outs for the camera, so the flash shouldn’t be affected by glare. This lightweight case really delivers and if you don’t like the translucent version, you can pick it up in blue, orange, white, or black.

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