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The best Honor View 10 cases to keep your midrange monster beautiful

Huawei Honor View 10 review offset best honor view 10 cases
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
The Honor View 10 is a powerful midranger with flagship specs, a humongous display, and a killer camera. It’s likely to be one of 2018’s hottest phones, and is capable of competing with the OnePlus 5T for the title of best midrange phone. But it’s not invincible, and if you want to keep your flagship-killing superstar safe from damage, then you should seriously consider a case to keep it protected. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best Honor View 10 cases that you can buy right now.

TopACE Clear Gel Case ($9)

topace best honor view 10 cases

What’s the use of protection if it obscures the view of your phone? Picking the right case that balances protection with good looks can be difficult, so why not take an easy route with a clear gel case. The clear TPU material is soft and grippy, while also providing shock-resistance and protection against harder threats to your phone. It’s thin and adheres closely to your device, great if you don’t want to be constantly reminded of its existence — and since it’s completely clear, you can still see the design of your Honor inside. This is a great choice if you want your phone protected, but don’t want a bulky case.

ZeKing Clear Gel Air-Cushion Case ($8)

zeking best honor view 10 cases

Standard gel cases might not cut it if you want a touch more protection from falls and drops. This case from ZeKing is made of soft TPU that’s grippy, provides protection from scratches and scrapes, and is completely clear, not obscuring the view of your phone. Where this case differs from the previous is the addition of air-cushions at each of the phone’s corners. These corners protrude out from the case, providing extra protection against drops and shocks, because the corners are far more likely to hit the ground first in a fall. Thanks to the soft material, shocks are transferred away from the phone, helping to mitigate as much of the damage as possible.

SunGuy Clear Hard Bumper Case ($8)

sunguy best honor view 10 cases

Another clear case, but with a crucial difference. Made from a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate (PC), this case protects your phone with a ring of soft, absorbent TPU around the phone’s edges, and around the camera lenses, along with a clear, hard back PC panel that protects your phone from more direct damage. The TPU on this case is thinner than other gel cases, thanks to the solid inner core of PC, and a raised edge helps to protect those protruding camera lenses. The clear PC panel on the back protects against scratches and allows your phone’s style to shine through. We have to say — it just looks really good, making it a great choice for the fashion conscious.

Avidet Scratch-Resistant Hard Case ($8)

avidet best honor view 10 cases

Tired of all the TPU on show? Then this slim case from Avidet might tickle your fancy. It’s made from hard PC, so it comes with all the scratch-resistance and protection against direct threats that a hard case can offer, though the lack of an absorbent material may make it slightly less useful against drops and shocks. Still, it’s better than nothing, and the flex in the PC material should mitigate some of the damage. The back panel of the case is textured, providing a surface that’s resistant to fingerprints, dust, and dirt, as well as giving your fingers more to grip on the rear side of your phone. It’s a cool and stylish thin case.

KuGi Ultra-Thin Leather-Style Wallet Case ($6)

kugi best honor view 10 cases

Wallet cases are ubiquitous for a reason — they’re useful, protective, and they look really good. So it’s no surprise you’ll be able to find one for your Honor phone. This case from KuGi is made from a synthetic PU leather (you’re going to struggle to get real leather for this price), and the material is tough, long-lasting, and really easy to keep clean. An inner TPU case holds your phone in place and keeps the sides protected, while the PU leather cover wraps around it to ensure the best possible coverage. When in use, the front cover folds around the rear of the device and can act as a handy kickstand for easy media-viewing on the go. Simple, elegant, and stylish.

Yoodi Shock-Absorbing Rugged Case ($9)

yoodi best honor view 10 cases

Want a bit more protection and not afraid of a more rugged case? Made from flexible and durable TPU, this rugged case from Yoodi has a unique style with the addition of a textured leather-style back panel that affords extra grip, while the bottom panel mimics carbon fiber to complement the cool, futuristic look of your Honor phone. The TPU bumper around the edges, as well as the fitted button covers, help to keep your device protected and dirt-free, and a raised edge around the outside of the case keeps your phone elevated from surfaces. The soft TPU material helps to prevent damage from shocks and drops, and the sleek black style looks great. If you’re not afraid of a bulkier case, give this a go.

Armor-X Shockproof Utility Case ($25)

armor-x best honor view 10 cases

Another option for those who want good protection for their phone, Armor-X‘s cases are aimed toward more active users, who need their phones to survive outdoor activities. This shockproof case is made from absorbent TPU, and comes with an attachment for Armor-X’s X-mount system, so it can be attached to a carabiner clip, a bike mount, arm-band, car mount, and loads more. It comes with a belt clip that can be rotated to make a kickstand and a carabiner clip to let it hang. If your phone needs to be as adaptable as you, then this case, combined with the X-mount system, could be the perfect accompaniment to your Honor View 10.

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