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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 cases and covers

With its expansive 6.3-inch screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 needs some serious protection. Even the most powerful phones are still susceptible to breakages when dropped, and the last thing you want to do is crack or shatter your new phone. The best thing to do is to protect your device with a case or cover.

We’ve gathered together a few of the best cases that will keep your Note 10 safe. You’re sure to find something on our list that suits your style, usage needs, and budget.

Tech21 Evo Type case

Photo shows the Galaxy Note 10 in a black keyboard case from Tech 21

Here’s something you don’t see very often — a keyboard case for a phone. But if any phone range deserved a keyboard case, it’s always going to be the Galaxy Note range. Of course, being for a phone, space is very much at a premium, and to say the keyboard is cramped is an understatement. But while writing a bestseller on this may be a stretch, it’s good enough for emails and keeping up to date. There’s a kickstand to keep your display upright and easily visible, and the case connects with NFC — so there’s no bothersome pairing process. Like all keyboard cases, there’s a high price attached. But if you want the most out of your Note, this is a good buy.

$80 from Tech21

Ringke Fusion case

Photo shows the front and back of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone in a clear Ringke Fusion case

You didn’t splash out for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 just to hide it, so make sure you show it off with a clear case. Ringke’s Fusion case is one of the manufacturer’s more modestly styled cases, with little other than the case’s materials to distract from your phone’s style. But those materials are solid. The Fusion case is made from a hard and durable polycarbonate cover, with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper around the outside. Combined, the PC protects against scratches and similar threats, while the TPU bumper helps resist bumps and drops. There’s also a lanyard attachment point for wrist and neck straps. This case comes in clear or clear with a black bumper. A good case at a great price.

Spigen Thin Fit case

Photo shows the front and back view of a Galaxy Note 10 phone in a black thin fit case from Spigen

Not every case has to add bulk to give protection, and Spigen’s Thin Fit series is an excellent example of that. Incredibly slim and super lightweight, the Thin Fit case is made from durable polycarbonate covered in a soft touch, non-slip coating. It clips onto your Note 10, and while it doesn’t provide as much protection as larger cases, it still protects well against scratches and minor bumps. Keep in mind it doesn’t cover some areas of the phone though, like the volume and power keys, and you may risk scratches in those areas. However, it excels as a good case with a minimalist style.

Otterbox Symmetry Series Glitter case

Photo shows the front and back of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone in a clear glitter case from Otterbox

Otterbox is extremely well known for its bulky rugged cases, but that’s not all it does. The Symmetry Series Clear is also a great choice, and for those looking to add a little sparkle to their lives, there is a glitter version of Otterbox’s clear case. It’s made from durable polycarbonate and specialized rubber, and clips onto your phone easily. A raised bumper keeps your screen safe from dirt and grit, while the glitter design adds sparkle to your Note 10. Slap it onto an Aura Glow Note 10 and watch the light show!

$26 from Amazon $31 from Best Buy

Burkley Pieno Full Leather Magnetic Wallet case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone in a golden brown leather wallet case from Burkley

If you’re looking for luxury, then there’s no material better than leather. Burkley offers some excellent leather cases for the Note 10, but none are as beautiful as the Pieno. Wrapped entirely in premium full-grain leather, the Pieno comes in two pieces — a leather wallet which space for four credit cards, and a leather case that snaps onto your phone and magnetically attaches to the case. The leather ages with your phone, and will develop its own unique patina, and it feels soft and sumptuous. It can even be used as a kickstand, and there are options to add a monogram, laser engraving, or a wristlet. But as a premium option, it comes with a premium price.

Incipio DualPro case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone in a red and black Incipio Pro case

Incipio’s busting out an old favorite for the Galaxy Note 10, and it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a strong case that looks good. It uses a dual-layer construction composed of a soft inner core that absorbs impacts and a hard outer shell that wards off scratches and more direct threats. Incipio is traditionally excellent at dealing with drops, and the DualPro is one of its best, with protection for up to 10-foot (3-meter) drops. It’s also not badly priced at $20 and comes in clear, black, or the red and black version pictured.

Ghostek Iron Armor 3 case

Photo shows the front, back, and side view of a Note 10 phone in a Ghostek Iron Armor 3 case

Ghostek may not have the reputation of the biggest manufacturers out there, but it shouldn’t be far behind if it keeps coming up with cases like the Iron Armor 3. Like other protective cases, it uses a soft TPU inner core to ward off drops and impacts, while a tough polycarbonate outer shell protects your phone from scratches. There’s a kickstand on the back so you can easily prop your phone up, a card slot, and raised edges to ensure your camera lenses and display aren’t resting directly onto dirt or grit. It comes with a screen protector for added protection, and there is even an attachable belt clip. That’s a lot of case.

VRS Designs Damda High Pro Shield case

Photo shows the front and side view of a Galaxy Note 10 in a black TPU case from VRS Design

The Damda High Pro Shield case has been successfully drop-tested at heights of up to four feet. It’s comfortable to hold and improves the grip of the phone’s smooth glass surface. But there’s more to justify the case’s relatively high price other than its style. The TPU material acts like a cross between plastic and rubber, absorbing shocks well. It also comes with some extra protective features, such as a raised bezel, and is compatible with most wireless chargers. This case is definitely worth the price of entry.

$30 from VRS Design

Poetic Revolution case

Photo shows the front and back of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone in a black case from Poetic Revolution

The Revolution is one of Poetic’s flagship models, one of the mainstays in their line of heavy-duty cases. The Revolution holds up to military-grade drop test standards. Its constructed from rugged TPU and polycarbonate that protects against drops, scratches, and more.

This rugged-looking case looks as touch as it is. There’s a built-in kickstand, and a clip-on front frame helps to keep the front of your phone protected too. While the style may divide, you can’t argue with its strength and price — just $15.


Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet case

Photo shows a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in a vintage chestnut brown leather wallet case from Snakehive

It’d be a mistake not to mention this particular wallet case. However, we’d like to stress that the amount of credit card storage is not the most important aspect of this case. This product features beautiful handcrafted European, full-grain cowhide, and nubuck leather. 

Over time, the leather will begin to age, resulting in a rare and natural appearance. The wallet case’s internal lining is made from soft, smooth leathers that won’t harm your phone’s fragile screen or finish. With this case, you can rest assured that your phone will be protected even after a quick toss in your purse or handbag. 

The Snakehive case features a horizontal kickstand so users can keep their phone propped up as they are reading, watching something, cooking a recipe, etc. (which is an incredible bonus). You can pick up this case for $37, which isn’t the cheapest, but we think it’s a feasible price for authentic leather.


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