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The best Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium cases

These are the best Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium cases to keep your phone pristine

If you like phones with a unique look, you might be partial to Sony’s recent Xperia range. The most elegant of these is the top-tier Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium. With a full 4K resolution, incredible 51,200 ISO camera, and super-slow motion video support, the Xperia XZ2 Premium is the top Sony phone of the moment.

With a $1,000 price tag and glass construction, it’s a phone you will want to protect, but with so many options for protection out there, you might not be sure which to buy. Don’t worry, we narrowed down the best cases you can pick up to keep your expensive smartphone safe from harm. Here are the best Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium cases.

Noreve Premium Leather Case (from $48)

The XZ2 Premium is a premium phone with a premium price, and it deserves the absolute best protection that you can get for it. Noreve specializes in high-quality leather cases and offers a huge amount of customization. First up, pick your choice of material, from artificial PU leather, all the way to the super-premium aged Patine leather. There is a big range of color for your case to match your style, and you can also choose to have a metal or plastic belt clip added, too. The downside? It costs $48 for the cheapest case, and the price just goes up from there. But still, if you have the cash to spend, Noreve’s cases are elegant, stylish, and offer great 360-degree protection for your device.

Official Sony Style Cover Touch ($50)

When you’re looking to protect a device, who better to check with than the device’s manufacturer? The Style Cover Touch is made by Sony and is a stylish, solid, and useful touch wallet case. The Style Cover Touch is made from TPU and hard polycarbonate (PC) — a TPU inner core keeps your phone held snugly, protecting the back and sides, while the PC front panel folds over to protect your phone’s screen. However, the real magic happens when the case is closed. The clear front cover allows you to use your phone, even while the case is closed, for the ultimate in screen protection. It’s expensive, but it’s the coolest case you can get by far.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case ($9)

The Xperia XZ2 Premium is a beautiful phone, with Sony’s unique style — so why would you want to conceal it? This case from Olixar is made from TPU, a soft but durable material that feels great in the hand and is also completely clear. The flexible material is great for helping to keep a hold on your phone, providing extra grip for your fingers — and while it’s not as protective as some bigger, bulkier cases, the TPU still provides a good level of shock absorption to resist drops and bumps. It comes cut to fit your XZ2 Premium perfectly, and also has a raised bezel that elevates your phone from surfaces and stops dirt or grit from scratching your screen. It’s a good case for the budget price.

Anccer Ultra-Thin Hard Case ($13)

Looking for a sleeker, more stylish case? This case from Anccer is made from hard polycarbonate that is protective and durable. It looks and feels great, with a smooth surface and a selection of colors to match your style. The sides are open, giving you access to all your buttons and ports, without prohibitive button covers. A harder case isn’t always better though, and what you gain in stiffness you will lose in shock-absorption, as the hard material won’t absorb impacts in the same way a softer TPU case would. It’s still a great case that feels good in your hand and it will guard against scuffs and scratches. But for rugged drop protection, look elsewhere.

TopAce Flip Wallet Case ($7)

A budget case that looks great can be hard to find, and some budget cases do look cheap. A wallet case is one of the few types of case that still look fairly good, no matter the price, and this case from TopAce is no exception. It’s made of two pieces — a single piece of PU leather that wraps around your phone, protecting the front and back from threats, and an inner TPU case that holds your phone firmly within the leather. It’s held closed with a magnetic clasp, holds a couple of credit cards or spare cash in the inner lining, and the front cover folds behind to act as a kickstand. It’s protective, looks good, and it’s available at a bargain price, but we’re not sure how well it will age.

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