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Does the OnePlus 10T come with a case or screen protector?

Despite how frequently new, upgraded versions of smartphones are launched each year, they’re still relatively fragile devices. While there have been a lot of advancements when it comes to making them more secure, a good drop can still spell disaster for most screens if they don’t have any sort of protection. It seems like every smartphone purchase comes paired with a case and screen protector these days, which some phone companies have taken notice of.

More and more frequently, we’re starting to see smartphones launch with accessories to cut down on customer costs. With the OnePlus 10T now here, fans are wondering if it’ll be saving them an additional trip to Best Buy. Luckily, we know everything included in the 10T’s box, so we can help you figure out how much you’ll need to budget for additional accessories once it finally launches.

The OnePlus 10T doesn’t come with a case…

OnePlus 10T camera module.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The OnePlus 10T comes with a few things included in the box, but unfortunately, a case or a skin isn’t one of them. Not having a case isn’t the end of the world as long as you’re careful not to drop it, but it’s not a bad idea to pick one up eventually for safety’s sake. While the colors of the 10T available at launch are certainly striking without a case, the color you picked will likely be of little consolation if you end up dropping it and giving it a major dent or worse.

…but it does come with a free screen protector

The good thing is that the 10T does come with a screen protector. In fact, you won’t even need to apply it yourself (or find someone to apply it for you) since it comes pre-installed on all models of the 10T. There are a handful of different options to choose from when selecting a screen protector yourself, but OnePlus only offers a relatively basic TPU film protector.

While it’s not as high quality as something like a tempered glass protector, the 10T’s film protector will absolutely get the job done by protecting the display from scratches, chips, and potential shatters. The 10T’s display itself leaves a little bit to be desired, so the screen protector helps it pick up for some of its potential fragility. The display is behind a layer of Gorilla Glass 5, which is a little bit old at this point. It seemed doubtful that the smartphone would be using the latest Gorilla Glass Victus, but many were hoping for at least Gorilla Glass 6.

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