Lost in a sea of phablet features? Here are 15 tips to become a Galaxy Note 4 master

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Samsung popularized the phablet with the original Galaxy Note and it has refined the superphone formula with each new release. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was an instant success when it was first launched, and many still enjoy using it, despite the fact that it’s now aging. Own a Galaxy Note 4 yourself? These Galaxy Note 4 tips should help you harness the beast.

How to use the Note 4 one-handedSamsung Galaxy Note 4

The Note was ridiculed along with the whole phablet category for being too big to handle when it first appeared. Who’s laughing now? It has actually gotten bigger over the years, but Samsung has a solution. Go to Settings > Display and wallpaper > One-handed operation and you’ll find the Reduce screen size option along with the ability to set One-handed input and a Side key panel. The beauty of these options is that they’re fully configurable. You can set the size of screen you want, adjust the position of the dialer and keyboard, and set a custom menu of hardware buttons as a touchscreen panel.

How to use gestures

Command your Note 4 with a wave of the hand or a touch by going into Settings > Device > Motions and gestures. Direct call enables you to trigger a call by just holding the Note 4 up to your ear, Smart alert lets you know about missed notifications by vibrating when you pick it up, you can mute or pause your Note 4 by placing your palm over the screen or flipping it over, and Palm swipe to capture is an easy screenshot shortcut. There are more handy gesture options in Settings > Personalization > Accessibility where you can use Single tap mode to dismiss alarms, calls, and events, or enable Air wake up so you can bring the screen to life by hovering your hand over it.

How to configure the S PenSamsung Galaxy Note 4

If you’re not using the S Pen then you’re missing out. This isn’t just a standard stylus; it offers a range of useful shortcut features and functionality. It all begins in Settings > Device > S Pen where you can choose whether sliding the S Pen out of its holster launches Action memo, Air command, or nothing at all. You can also have your Note 4 alert you when you leave the S Pen behind and walk off, and you can choose whether you want it to trigger sounds and vibration for feedback.

How to use the Finger Scanner

If you want to set up the fingerprint sensor, you’ll find it listed as Finger Scanner in Settings under Personalization. You’ll use Fingerprint manager to register your fingerprint, but you’ll also find the options for using it in the Finger Scanner menu. You can use it to unlock the Note 4, to quickly log in to websites, to verify your Samsung account, and to pay for goods and services with PayPal.

How to save power

The sheer variety and depth of Samsung’s menus can seem over the top, but the fine-grained control it gives you over how your Note 4 works is awesome. One area you’ll definitely want to tweak to suit you is the Power saving mode. Head into Settings and look for Power saving under System. There’s a normal Power saving mode and an Ultra power saving mode option. You can decide when they are triggered and configure exactly what they do in terms of restricting performance, background data, and even color.

How to use voice commands

You’ve got a couple of great options for hands-free voice control on the Note 4.

Go to Settings > Language and input > Voice search > “Ok Google” Detection and tick Always on and you’ll be able to launch Google Now and search by saying “Ok Google” from any screen. You can even tick When locked if you want to be able to search from the lock screen. It works even when the screen is off and the Note 4 is locked. You should also make sure that you use the Retrain voice model option to train it to hear your voice.

Samsung has also included a very useful Car mode which will sync with your car via Bluetooth and offer easy access to the Phone app, Messages, Navigation, and Music. You can also say “Hi Galaxy” and then issue a voice command for hands-free operation.

How to use Smart selectSamsung Galaxy Note 4

You’ll find the Smart select option in your Air Command menu. Hover and drag the S Pen over any content that you want to capture and share. It will be stored on a kind of clipboard for later use. It can capture text, links, and images all at once. From the clipboard, you can select from the usual full range of sharing options to send it an email, post to social media, or open it in an app. You can also extract text from Smart select content and share it directly with an app, for example an address that opens in Google Maps, or a date that’s added directly to your calendar.

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