How to drop a pin in Google Maps

Pins are a convenient Google Maps feature that allows you to save a location. You can drop a pin to save an address, or mark a location if it doesn’t have an address or if the address is incorrect. Your pins will help you navigate to these locations again, and you can also share them with your friends to indicate a meetup location.

Dropping a pin in Google Maps is very easy. Here is how you can do it on mobile and desktop.

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Dropping pins in Google Maps on mobile

The most recent version of Google Maps has made it much easier to drop a pin from the search box — in fact, it drops a pin automatically, whether you want it or not. It assumes if you are seeking a particular address, you want a pin dropped there. So when you use the search box to find an address, count on a pin being deposited there automatically. You still have to tap and hold if you are using the map interface instead of the search box to find a location.

Step 1: Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2: Search for an address using the search bar at the top of the screen or scroll around the map until you find the location where you want to drop a pin.

Step 3: Press and hold the screen to drop a pin. A light touch is all that’s needed.

Step 4: Tap the pin to get directions to that location and share or save them.

Step 5: To remove a pin, just touch it or pinch out, and a box at the top reading Dropped Pin or the Specific Location appears with an X on the right side. Tapping that X removes the pin.

Dropping pins in Google Maps on computer

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Maps website.

Step 2: Search for an address using the search bar on the upper left side of the screen or scroll around the map until you find the location where you want to drop a pin. The search bar automatically drops a pin at the place you searched. You don’t have to do anything else.

Step 3: Left click the spot you want to drop the pin. You may have to zoom in or click slightly to either side of the location you want to drop a pin if there is already a marker there. A small grey pin will appear, as well as an info box at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: You can press the navigation icon in the info box to get directions to the dropped pin or click anywhere else in the box to bring up more information about the location you’ve selected.

Step 5: From the additional information screen, you can save the pin to Your Places, where you can quickly access them in the future from the main menu.

Dropping multiple pins by creating a map on desktop

Google maps custom map

You can only drop a single pin at a time and the easiest way to keep track of multiple pins is by saving them to Your Places, but what if you want to show them all on the same screen? Make your own map. Creating your own map can not only help you visualize multiple pins more easily, but they can also show you the geographical relationships between your favorite places and link them together visually. Here’s how to create your own Google Map.

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Maps website.

Step 2: While you don’t need to be signed in to drop single pins (unless you want to save them), you’ll need to sign in create a map.

Step 3: In the top left corner of your screen, click the menu icon.

Step 4: Click Your Places > Maps > Create Map.

Step 5: A new window opens with your custom map. Give it a title and a description by clicking Untitled Map and filling in the requisite boxes. Make sure to click Save before proceeding.

Step 6: You can now pinpoint locations by either clicking the marker icon under the search bar and placing it directly on the map or searching for specific locations. Add the first location to the map and save it.

Step 7: Click the Add directions icon from the icon bar underneath your first destination’s description or at the top next to the original marker to bring up an A field and a B field in the bottom left of the screen. This makes it easy to search and place new destinations. Continue to add new destinations to the map from the side menu and they will be automatically linked together on the map.

Step 8: If you plan on using the map for yourself, you’re done. If you want to preview or share it, click the appropriate icons at the upper left.

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