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How to turn off Siri on your iPhone or iPad

Siri, Apple’s wildly popular and useful virtual assistant, may not be something you want or need to use all the time — and for some, not at all. At any point in time, you may feel more comfortable turning Siri off either selectively or entirely. So, learning how to turn off Apple's digital assistant is a valuable piece of knowledge.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Apple iPhone or iPad

Whether you’re looking to turn off Siri forever or tweak its settings so that it’s more useful for you, we’ve got the tips you need to know right here. Here's how to turn off Siri on your iPhone or iPad.

How to turn off Siri

If you’re running iOS 11 or later, it's easy to turn Siri off. Here’s how:

Step 1: From Settings, tap on Siri & Search.

how to turn off siri siri1 jpg

Step 2: Toggle off Listen for “Hey Siri”, Press Side Button for Siri, and Allow Siri When Locked.

how to turn off siri hey

Step 3: Tap on Turn Off Siri in the pop-up.

The pop-up that enables you to turn Siri off completely appears if you toggle the top two options off. If you’re sick of accidentally triggering Siri with the side button, you can just toggle that option off, still use the “Hey Siri” command, and allow Siri to work when your iPhone is locked.

how to turn off siri

How to turn off Siri Suggestions globally or for specific apps

Among Apple's improvements to Spotlight in iOS 15 are Siri Suggestions. Siri now makes suggestions for things like calling into a meeting, confirming an appointment, creating an email, searching Safari, and other actions based on your daily routine and how you use your apps. You are in control of how those suggestions appear — or not.

If you usually find Siri Suggestions helpful but want to switch them all off for now or only keep it for selected apps, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Tap on Settings and then Siri & Search.

how to turn off siri siri1 jpg

Step 2: Scroll down and toggle off Allow Notifications, Show in App Library & Spotlight, Show When Sharing, or Show When Listening – or any combination of those switches or all of them.

how to turn off siri suggestions

Step 3: You can further fine-tune your Siri preferences by scrolling down and turning Siri suggestions off just for specific apps. For example, if you don’t want Siri to provide you with suggestions related to Safari, tap Safari.

how to turn off siri siri2 safari

Step 4: Swipe the sliders off for any function you want to deactivate. For example, turning off Show Siri Suggestions in App will stop Siri from making suggestions while you’re using Safari.

You can pick and choose which Siri features you want and which ones to switch off.

how to turn off siri on specific apps

How to turn off Siri iCloud sync

Siri makes extensive use of machine learning to personalize its responses to your life and habits. As Siri gets more familiar with you, each subsequent use should be more efficient and useful.

You can use iCloud to sync Siri's machine-learning intelligence across all of your Apple devices. You must manually activate this feature if you want it. Though it is off by default, it never hurts to double check.

Step 1: Tap on Settings and then on your Name at the top.

how to turn off siri and icloud

Step 2: Tap iCloud.

how to turn off siri choose icloud

Step 3: Scroll down, find Siri, and toggle it Off.

how to turn off siri

You can always change your mind and turn Siri back on by reversing the steps mentioned above.

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