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Is the OnePlus 10T waterproof? What you should know about its IP rating

As phones have become entirely engrained into our lives, they’re frequently placed in positions where they could face damage. Whether that’s from falling out of pockets, being stepped on, or being chewed up by a pet — when you buy a new phone, you’re making a major investment in a world where everything is a potential phone-killer. With the OnePlus 10T here, potential buyers are asking questions regarding how sturdy the device will be. More specifically, you’re probably wondering if the OnePlus 10T is waterproof.

One of the biggest areas where device owners want their smartphones to be the most resistant is when it comes to waterproofing. Keeping devices dry can be a difficult task, so most people want to know what the OnePlus 10T can survive. From withstanding a drop in the pool to a quick splash from a knocked-over glass of water, there’s a wide range of what waterproofing can mean. Most devices possess some level of waterproofing, which makes answering “is the OnePlus 10T waterproof” a little complicated.

The OnePlus 10T has IP54 water resistance

The OnePlus 10T laying face-down on the arm of an outdoor chair.
Joe Maring/Digital Trends

The OnePlus 10T was given an Ingress Protection (IP) Code rating of IP54. To understand the rating, we first need to know exactly what it tests for. The rating is broken up into two discrete categories: one for the first number, which measures resistance to things like dust and other small, solid particles — and the second measures protection against liquids.

Taking a look at the first number, the OnePlus 10T is rated a five for solid particle protection. The scale is out of six, so the 10T’s high rating means that it’s “dust protected” over being “dust-proof.” Essentially, dust and other small solid particles can still get into the device, but not in an amount that would damage it beyond repair. As a result, the 10T may need some periodic cleaning so that dust build-up is kept in check.

The second number can tell us about the OnePlus 10T’s waterproofing. Unfortunately, the 10T fairs relatively poorly here. It’s given a four on a scale of nine, so as you may imagine, the smartphone won’t be particularly equipped to handle much liquid exposure. A four on the liquid part of the IP scale means that the device is protected against water splashes, but not immersion or any other extended form of liquid exposure. While it’s nice to know that the 10T won’t brick if caught outside during a quick summer water balloon fight with the kids, it pails in comparison to other flagships like the iPhone 13 or Pixel 6, which tend to have ratings closer to IP67 or IP68.

Is the IP54 rating a deal-breaker for the OnePlus 10T? Maybe not if you’re careful with your device and know it won’t be exposed to too much water. But if you want a phone that’ll easily survive a dip in the pool or lake, you may want to look into a handset with a stronger IP rating.

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