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Amazon refreshes the Kindle Paperwhite with USB-C and bigger screens

Amazon today launched an update to its Kindle Paperwhite e-book readers, adding larger screens, better battery life, and wireless charging at prices starting at $140. The company launched three models, including the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids, and the Kindle Paper White Signature Edition, confirming earlier reports.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhote 2021 edition and its cover cases.

The base paperwhite is getting a modest update, with the screen being enlarged to 6.8-inches and the bezels slimming down. At 300 pixels per inch, the company says that the new Paperwhite will resemble real paper. It also features an adjustable warm light option for reading late at night.

While Amazon has made Kids Edition tablets before, this is the first it’s time releasing one for e-readers. It has the same specs as the main Kindle Paperwhite model, with an adjustable warm light and up to 10 weeks of battery life, as well as the same two-year “worry-free” guarantee,and one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ the company offers on its child-focused tablets. Amazon will also throw in a protective cover that comes in either Black, Emerald Forest, or Robot Dream colors.

“The new Kindle Paperwhite Kids makes it easy and fun for kids to read, with access to books kids love from award-winning, diverse authors,” Kurt Beidler, general manager of Amazon Kids, said at the launch. “Since we introduced Kindle Kids two years ago, kids have used their Kindle devices to read over 16 million books and logged nearly 1.6 billion minutes reading. We hope the new reading experience with Kindle Paperwhite Kids helps even more kids become lifelong reading fans.”

As for the Paperwhite Signature Edition, Amazon is building on the template of the Kindle Paperwhit,e but adding an auto-adjusting light sensor at the front for reading in variable lighting. Wireless charging will also be present, allowing users to charge their Kindles without needing to find a fiddly USB cable around the house.

Person reading an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

“Customers love Kindle Paperwhite, and we’ve worked hard to add even more premium experiences to the next generation,” according to Kevin Keith, vice president of Amazon Devices and Services. “The new Kindle Paperwhite comes with a warm light and larger display for even more comfort, 20% faster page turns, and up to 10 weeks of battery life — all in a compact, waterproof design that makes it easy to enjoy a book anywhere, day or night. Now more than ever, it’s delightful to get lost in millions of books wherever you go.”

Amazon is making these devices available immediately for pre-order. The Kindle Paperwhite is the cheapest of the trio, setting you back $140 for an 8GB model in black. The Kindle Paperwhite Kids will cost a little more at $160, while the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition will take up the top end at $190.

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