New HTC One smart cover shows off colorful notifications

new htc one smart cover shows colorful notifications cases

From the “active notifications” of the Moto X to the e-ink second screen around the back of the Yotaphone, mobile manufacturers are constantly experimenting with ways to display important alerts without draining battery life. If a freshly leaked image is to be believed, it looks like the next incarnation of the HTC One will have an innovative new approach to the conundrum.

Once again we’re indebted to master secret spiller @evleaks for the picture, which comes with the caption “Holes. Time. Colors.” It appears that we’re looking at some kind of smart cover which uses color LEDs to show local weather conditions, the current time, and presumably other important notifications as well.

Imagine being able to check on how many unread emails you have or see who’s calling without having to take your smartphone out of its case. We’ll have to wait and see exactly how this is going to work and what notifications will be available, but it’s an intriguing new accessory that could make alerts easier to access and manage.

Twitterer @evleaks also revealed that buyers of the new HTC One would have the option to pick it up as a Google Play Edition, as with the original device. Most of the account’s tweets have been accurate in the past, so we can assume these rumors and images come from decent sources somewhere in the depths of the mobile phone industry.

Plenty of information has already been leaked about this year’s “all-new HTC One” and we’ve rounded up all of the relevant details for you. It looks almost certain that the device will be officially unveiled on March 25, so we don’t have long to wait to see how much fact is in amongst the fiction.