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OnePlus feels the need, the need for speed in crazy 700mph unboxing video

OnePlus 3T #ExtremeUnboxing – FIGHTER JET
The OnePlus 3T has a Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB of RAM inside, making it one fast smartphone, so OnePlus decided to shoot an unboxing video in an environment that reflects the new device’s speedy capabilities. It chose the cockpit of a fighter jet traveling at up to 700mph. It calls the video the most extreme unboxing video yet, and it’s pretty hard to disagree.

OnePlus gave the job of unboxing the phone to Jake Paul, an ex-Vine star and popular YouTuber, who climbs aboard what looks like a MiG-15 aircraft in Prague, Czech Republic, to open up the OnePlus 3T’s box and take a look inside. This isn’t a video where all the ins-and-outs of the 3T are critically examined, but that’s hardly a surprise, due to it being OnePlus’s own video and shot at a time when the Paul was experiencing up to six times the force of gravity.

Paul holds the phone, and his lunch, during the flight; noting how the new gunmetal finish differs from the silver body of the now discontinued OnePlus 3. He even manages to snap a selfie with the 16-megapixel front camera. Given that Paul isn’t a fighter pilot, he does a pretty good job during the video, and we doubt it will be an experience he’ll forget.

For OnePlus though, crazy marketing stunts are nothing new. It has a long history of coming up with grand schemes and complex competitions to promote its phones. The OnePlus 3 could be delivered in an hour, for example, and was even revealed at a launch event that took place in virtual reality. The jet fighter unboxing isn’t the only crazy stunt for the OnePlus 3T either, and OnePlus India’s general manager did a bungee jump to announce the phone’s local launch date.

What next? With OnePlus, who knows; but we’ll put $50 on the inevitable OnePlus 4 being unboxed in space.

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