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Stunning Cyberpunk 2077 tie-in transforms the look of the OnePlus 8T

The highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 action-adventure role-playing video game from CD Projekt Red has been delayed until December 10, but smartphone maker OnePlus has done no such thing with its tie-in special edition OnePlus 8T. Announced in China, the limited edition phone looks completely different from the standard 8T, and we think you’re going to want one.

OnePlus’s 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition is a marketing exercise through-and-through, so don’t expect it to have any different specifications to the OnePlus 8T you can buy now. Instead, it’s all about the amazing new style. The team has used the black and yellow color scheme from the game’s promo material to great effect, using it to highlight the sides, corners, and buttons on the device.

Perhaps the most striking design change is the camera module, which has been blended into a large glass panel taking up the top of the phone. It stops the 8T looking a lot like the Galaxy S20 Plus. The rest of the phone has a textured, carbon fiber-style design, and some Cyberpunk 2077 branding. It’s dramatically different from the standard OnePlus 8T. The phone has custom wallpapers and tones, plus the special box comes with a case to protect the phone, and some Cyberpunk 2077 pins too.

While the specification is the same as usual, OnePlus has created two special camera filters for the phone, which add cyberpunk-style color schemes to your photos. It’s all based on the OnePlus 8T with 8GB of RAM and 256GB and costs the local equivalent of $598, which is slightly more expensive than the standard 8GB/256GB OnePlus 8T in China. Pre-orders will go live on November 4 with a final release coming on November 11. At the time of writing, there is no word on a global release.

OnePlus is no stranger to striking up interesting partnerships. It has worked with McLaren, the supercar brand, on several occasions. The most recent being a concept phone with unusual electrochromic glass hiding the camera lenses on the back of the phone. It has also released a special Star Wars-themed edition of the OnePlus 5T in 2017. The Cyberpunk 2077 edition is the company’s first limited edition based on the recently released OnePlus 8T.

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