Pebble smartwatch availability widens, now selling on Amazon


The folks behind the Pebble smartwatch have been ever so slowly increasing the number of sales channels for its Kickstarter-funded device, with e-commerce giant Amazon the latest to join the steadily growing band of sellers.

The wrist-worn gadget hit the online retailer in black and red flavors on Thursday, just as the holiday shopping season gets well and truly underway.

It’s selling for a whole dollar less than its regular price of $150, although having said that, pick one pebble amazonup direct from the maker’s website on Black Friday and you can save yourself a more impressive $20.

Pebble, which launched at the start of this year following a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign that saw it hit its $100,000 target within just two hours of going live before raising $10 million in its first month, was initially available to buyers only through its website.

With demand for the gadget high, the company in July struck a deal with Best Buy to sell it online and in its stores, a move which helped to ease some of the stress on Pebble’s own shipping system. Two months ago, AT&T also started selling the e-paper smartwatch, which is compatible with both the iPhone and Android handsets.

Earlier this month, Pebble founder and boss Eric Migicovsky announced a slew of updates for the wrist-based device, including an all-new app for iPhones running iOS 7 that offers greater compatibility with the watch than earlier versions of the app.

A new SDK opening up new possibilities for the watch’s functionality was also rolled out, helping to breathe new life into the device as it heads into 2014, a year in which many more competing smartwatches are expected to hit the market.