Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have SmartPause eye tracking, floating touch, and new lock screen


The big unveiling of Samsung’s new Galaxy S 4 hasn’t even happened yet, but thanks to a slew of leaks, we pretty much know what to expect.

The latest is more than just a rumor, but rather a series of videos that shows that the phone will have floating touch, SmartPause eye tracking, improved Web browsing, a new lock screen, and more efficient and brighter display.

SmartPause eye tracking is a feature that will go hand-in-hand with video viewing. Say you’re watching a video on your phone and you’re suddenly distracted by something and look away from your device, it knows to automatically pause the video so you aren’t missing anything. You will have to manually resume playback, since it isn’t sophisticated enough to know when you’re looking back at it.

Floating touch is a way to allow users to select previews of thumbails, e-mails, and such without actually having to tap your finger against the screen, resulting in a few less fingerprints. From what we can tell, it’s not meant to work with the launch of apps, however; just with the opening of previews.

A new feature was added to Web browsing on the S4 that, again, will result in less fingerprints and smudges on the device’s screen. When a website is open, a user merely has to wave their hand above the screen in order to scroll; no touching necessary. In the leaked video, this seemed a little unresponsive, but the overall Web browsing speed appeared to be really up to par.

The company also redesigned its lock screen; it’s a simple update, but the new look is really slick and impressive.

And finally, BGR reported that Samsung will be veering away from its traditional AMOLED display in exchange for one called “green PHOLED,” and will result in a 25 percent more efficient screen. It will also make the screen significantly brighter than the previous generation of products. While we can’t be certain, it seems that this will likely be used on the S 4; if not, you can be sure to see it at Samsung’s next reveal.

We’ll be reporting the revelations on display at tonight’s Samsung events and be sure to give you the real deal facts once they’re official.  Until then, be sure to check out the rest of our Samsung rumors for a taste.