Will Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 be the S4’s biggest competitor?

Galaxy_Note_2Check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet.

In the grand tradition of all things digital, rumors are flying all around about the highly anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And this is before the Galaxy S4 has even been released — that won’t happen until next month. As we recently reported, the phablet is expected to make its grand debut later this fall. And we now hear it will have its own dedicated unveiling at an event just prior to Berlin’s IFA show, which will run from September 6 through September 11 (where it will also likely be on display).

But could this news turn Samsung into its own competition? As pointed out by Capital Technologies, the Galaxy line of devices has propelled the South Korean company to the top of the mobile world. However, with each release, particularly between the Galaxy S and Note lines, the devices are growing closer in similarity.

Don’t get us wrong; there’s definite hype around the release of S4, and it’s one of the most impressive phones about to hit the market. However, of all the top notch features the smartphone has, its sister phablet is expected to have too, along with a slew of additional features that will help it surpass the S4.

Take the flexible screen that most techies are expecting. This could make the screen practically indestructible. Phone screen protection is something companies are constantly striving to improve upon, and this stands to really give it a one-up.

In addition, the phablet Galaxy will offer users nearly an extra inch of display. (This may or may not be considered a plus, since the S4 already boasts a good-sized screen.)

Of course, there will be those that don’t want to wait several months to get the Note 3 instead of the S4, but there will be plenty that will wait, so it will be interesting to see how this factors into the S4 sales versus the Note 3.

Which do you think will land on top? Which would you rather have in your bag?