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Samsung Galaxy S4 already the fourth most popular smartphone in the UK

samsung galaxy s4 volume macro

Watch out, Apple! There’s a new phone on the market and it is picking up customers at a pace that seems beyond belief. You may have heard of it: the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

As reported yesterday by Mobile News, a mere four days after its release, the Galaxy S4 was the third most popular smartphone on the market for the month of April. This position was determined by using’s Mobile Tracker, which factors in pre-order sales, actual sales, and Web searches. (Though this information is strictly limited to the UK.) Even before the phone hit the market, it was already comfortably perched at the number five spot, just based on pre-orders.

So who’s the S4’s competition? No surprise, the top two spots were held by Apple. The 16GB iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S held the first and second spots, respectively. Sitting pretty at number four was the HTC One, and at five is the Samsung Galaxy S3. None of this information comes as a surprise, really. In fact, Samsung and Apple dominate the top 10 chart, with the two companies accounting for eight of the 10 spots. (Apple has three; Samsung has five.)

“The fact that Apple and Samsung occupy eight of the top 10 spots is a clear indication of their dominance in the smartphone arena,” said Ernest Doku, telecoms expert with, “with the impressive HTC One valiantly holding its own [at the number four spot].”

With such a quick climb up the charts, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung snag the number one spot at some point in the near future. But with future releases of new phones, like BlackBerry Q10, the new Nokia Lumia, and potential mini version of phones like the iPhone and HTC One, there is plenty of room for these devices to continually shift all over the list.

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