The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: A foldable phone that costs nearly $1,400

Update: Samsung loaned us a Galaxy Flip for a mere 24 hours. We learned 5 key things about the Flip in that time about the new foldable device.

Alongside the new Galaxy S20 series, Samsung  unveiled the groundbreaking Galaxy Z Flip at its Unpacked event on Tuesday. Building on the company’s folding-phone experience that began with the Galaxy Fold, the Z Flip takes a slightly different shape, with a clamshell design similar to that of the new Motorola Razr.

Foldable phones in general have taken two forms so far — a normal-sized phone that unfolds into a tablet-sized device, and a clamshell-style phone that folds into a device half the size of a normal phone. The Galaxy Z Flip is the latter, which helps it more easily fit into your pocket.

While most other foldable phones use a flexible plastic for the display, Samsung says that this phone instead offers a flexible, 6.7-inch glass display. It also offers a new hinge, which Samsung says prevents particles like dust and sand from getting into the display. Samsung’s “Hideaway Hinge” is aimed at folding and unfolding the phone smoothly — and Samsung says it’s capable of doing so 200,000 times.

The hinge also allows the device to stay unfolded at an angle, which allows you to put the device on a table or surface to use it for things like selfies. In so-called Flex mode, the device automatically splits the screen into a pair of 4-inch displays.

When closed, you’ll still be able to see some details on the “cover display.” This display is quite small, but it can still display things like the date, time, and battery status. The display will also show notifications, allowing you to do things like answer a call without having to unfold the phone.

Under the hood, the phone features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, along with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. In other words, it may not be as high-tech as the Galaxy S20, but considering its form, it still has a lot to offer. The battery life comes in at 3,300mAh.

The device will be available as of February 14, starting at $1,380. According to Samsung, the device will be available unlocked from Samsung itself and Best Buy, as well as from Sprint or AT&T. In other words, if you’re a Verizon or T-Mobile user and want the phone, you may need to buy unlocked. The phone is available in Mirror Purple and Mirror Black.

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