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Consider yourself teased: Samsung hints at a third device for the August 13 Unpacked event

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Samsung will be hosting an Unpacked event on August 13 in New York City, and everyone is expecting the Galaxy S6 Edge+ along with the Galaxy Note 5. That would be enough for any event, but it appears Samsung has another surprise in store, according to a teaser image posted on Samsung Philippines’ countdown page.

The image clearly shows three devices. The first one at the top is most likely the Galaxy S6 Edge+, followed by the Galaxy Note 5 in the middle. You can see that the Galaxy Note 5 is upside down with the S-Pen partly ejected from it. The bottom device is where the mystery begins. It’s obviously bigger than the other two devices, which indicates a tablet of some sort.

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It could be the 8-inch Galaxy Tab S2 that was recently announced, but why introduce it in a teaser image when it was already unveiled? Furthermore, the sides of the Tab S2 aren’t the same as the device depicted in the image. The S2 has painted sides whereas the device in the picture has a silver finish, much like the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5.

Another idea is that it’s a new tablet with an Edge display. It seems to make sense, given the popularity of the Galaxy S6 Edge, but there has been no indication that Samsung could handle mass producing larger edge displays. The company can barely keep up with the smaller 5.1-inch Galaxy S6 Edge.

The only other idea we can come up with is that it’s the rumored Tab S Pro, but that one is likely to be over 12-inches. The image doesn’t depict something that large and in charge.

If you’re looking for any other clues, Samsung added this tagline: “We were the first to make them BIG. Now we’re making BIG even BETTER. Are you ready to Live BIG?”

This could be referring to the phablet category that Samsung started with the original Galaxy Note. However, it could also be referring to tablets. Samsung was one of the first to make a tablet over 12-inches. Both the Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro featured 12.2-inch displays. So maybe that third device is larger than it looks. Perhaps it’s an optical illusion?

With seven days to go until Unpacked, we don’t have long to wait to find out for sure. If you have any other thoughts, please let us know in the comments.

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