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Second time not a charm for Windows Phone 7 update?

Microsoft just re-released its first update to WIndows Phone 7, after admitting problems with the first release may have bitten one in ten Windows Phone 7 users. However, users’ experiences with the re-released update don’t seem to be much better than they were with the original: support forums mobile blogs, and and social networking feeds are awash in reports the new update is failing with “error code 800705B4″—and while some users are able to restart the update process and complete it successfully, others seem stuck in a world of hurt.

For the moment, Microsoft is continuing to offer the revised update, although via Twitter Microsoft has indicated it is looking into the situation. One post even recommends one user wait on updating their device until more information is available.

Microsoft insists the vast majority of Windows Phone 7 users have been able to update without problems—the company claims it failed for about one user in ten, and half of those failures were due to connection problems or lack of storage space. Nonetheless, problems with the update are mud in the eye for the technology giant, which missed the boat on consumers’ explosive interest in smartphones and is not trying to transform itself into a major smartphone competitor. Issues with the Windows Phone 7 update also landed just in time to besmirch Microsoft’s high-profile deal with Nokia to base future smartphones on Windows Phone 7.

The update does not add major functionality to Windows Phone 7 devices; rather, it’s primary purpose is to lay the groundwork for future updates, including one expected later this month that will add copy-and-paste functionality.

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