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Secure Your Value: Lock in the price of your Verizon phone plan for 3 years

This content was produced in partnership with Verizon.

Prices are steadily climbing for fuel, groceries, products, services, you name it. This means that we will all have to budget more, spend less, and potentially cut out excess wherever we can. You certainly don’t want to be seeing the costs of your bills going up, especially if you have budgeted for expected amounts. If you’ve ever opened or peeked at your electricity or water bills to see meter hikes, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Even minimal jumps of $5 can throw your checkbook off balance so if you have the opportunity to lock in prices for good, at a reasonable cost, you should definitely take advantage. It will bring you peace of mind, but it will also make budgeting in these trying times much more manageable. During a period when many companies are elevating prices, Verizon is doing the exact opposite. Allow us to explain.

Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data access via its renowned 5G nationwide network. You can jump in for $25 per line, per month, for four lines, and you can bring your phone — you don’t have to buy a new one. Better yet, for new and existing customers, bringing their own devices, Verizon will lock in the price for three years. That means no surprise increases, no hidden charges, and honestly one of the smartest offers we’ve seen in a long while. Why Verizon, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ll dig into that, but for now, you can check out that Welcome Unlimited offer below, or keep reading. We have to point out that this is a limited offer and won’t be available for long. Also, to celebrate three years of savings, Verizon is giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the SuperBowl for the third year in a row. For a chance to win, you can head to now or enter online – but do it soon because this sweepstakes ends February 15.

Verizon has the most reliable 5G network in America

Verizon store front displays the 5G network in NYC.
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Generally, when you go with a cheaper option you’re sacrificing something to get the lower price. That’s not always true of every product or service, but it does happen. That’s not the case with Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan, though. You’re locking in low prices, to help with financially troubling times, but also you’re still gaining access to one of the best wireless networks, bar none. Seriously, they offer reliable coverage for almost the entirety of the contiguous United States, and in some places beyond. If you want to see what kind of signal you can expect in your area, take a look at the .

Verizon’s 5G Nationwide network uses a low-band spectrum to deliver excellent coverage and performance. It leverages a technology called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing to seamlessly swap between 5G and 4G LTE — but only the latter in areas where there’s no 5G coverage. It means faster speeds and virtually no loss of connection even in areas where there might be a dropoff. It takes just minutes to download a full song, which you can then access offline. Documents, files, photos, and other smaller media items download fast too. More importantly, Verizon’s network has been built from the ground up to support an increasing number of customers, so it won’t buckle under congestion or high traffic. You’ll still get reliable service no matter how many people are connecting nearby. The reliability boost, coupled with the fast speeds, means you can do more and achieve more all via your mobile — and you don’t need Wi-Fi. You can stream movies and shows, listen to music, talk to friends and family on video calls, check in at work or school, and much more.

How do I lock in Verizon’s plan prices for three years?

Verizon is offering one of its best prices ever for the Welcome Unlimited plan, which applies to new and existing customers. You’ll pay just $25 per line, per month, for up to four lines when you switch — or sign up — and you can bring your existing phones. You don’t have to pay inordinate costs for a new one, you can use what you already have, which nets you even more savings. The price will be locked in for three years, so long as you meet the eligible terms and sign up within the limited availability period — this offer won’t last forever. Terms and conditions do apply, which you can .

Here’s the thing, that price stays put, for three years. At the risk of sounding repetitive, with so many rising costs, that’s almost unheard of. You’re guaranteed the same costs for the next three years.

What’s the bottom line, here?

While we can’t say for certain, we can anticipate that most bill providers, companies, and retailers will continue to raise prices, if they haven’t already. For those on a tight budget, that will make balancing expenses challenging. You may soon find that you have less to spend on leisure items and fun things to do. You might encounter a few exorbitantly high bills that you either need to wait to pay or have to scramble to make some extra money for. The last thing you need, or that anyone needs really, is to see your wireless bill increase at the same time. Worse yet, you don’t want to have to cancel your wireless bill because you can’t afford the expense — in today’s digital world, you need that access.

This Verizon plan keeps things affordable, keeps the price locked in for three years, but still provides you access to one of the best 5G nationwide networks available. You can stream, play games, chat with friends and family, work from home, work remotely, and do schoolwork — whatever you need — without incurring extra expenses or seeing a lapse in network access. Name another network doing it like this — we’ll wait.

Welcome Unlimited: An affordable plan that won’t change for years

Using Verizon Fios internet for WFH in a home office.

We live in uncertain times, economically, socially, and even politically, so it helps to have a small degree of structure. Verizon’s Welcome Unlimited plan, at least in the current offer, can give you that. Secure four lines for $25 per line, per month, bring your phones, and lock in those prices for three years, no questions asked. This offer will only be available for a limited time, so don’t wait around, take it seriously, and make the switch if you’re ready.

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