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3 questions we have after Secret Invasion episode 2

Episode 2 of Marvel Studios’ Disney+ show, Secret Invasion, has premiered, and the series continues to stir its pot of baffling mysteries. After Maria Hill faced a tragic death trying to prevent the Skrull’s bombing of Moscow, Nick Fury and his Skrull partner Talos now struggle to deal with this shape-shifting threat and the outrage of multiple world leaders. Here are all the questions raised with this second episode

Is Gravik a Super Skrull?

Gravik stretching his arm out in "Secret Invasion."
Marvel Studios

The show has revealed that Gravik and his group of Skrulls are building a device to make them stronger. On top of that, G’iah discovers that Gravik has DNA records of some of Marvel’s strongest creatures. So far, they have samples from Groot, a Frost Beast from Jotunheim that appeared in Thor: The Dark World, and Thanos’s monstrous son, Cull Obsidian, who lost his arm in the first act of Avengers: Infinity War.

All these literal deep cuts imply that Gravik will or has already enhanced his powers by taking on the genetic strengths of these characters, similar to how the Super Skrull gained the abilities of the Fantastic Four in the comics. Secret Invasion‘s trailer did show Gravik stretching his arm out, a power not seen in the Skrulls before, so it seems likely that this ability will be inherited from Groot, thanks to his new machine.

Where are the Avengers when you need them?

The Avengers standing together in New York in "The Avengers."
Marvel Studios

With the Skrulls bringing the U.S. closer to war against Russia and its new allies, one can’t but wonder if the Avengers should intervene. Rhodey suggests calling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to fight the Skrulls, but Fury says otherwise, as their alien foes would impersonate them when they appear and ruin their reputation by portraying them as terrorists.

However, one would think that some of the powerful members of the Avengers would at least try to help stop this global threat on their own accord. It’s pretty clear that the Skrull attack on Moscow has driven the world right to the edge of World War III, so the team likely wouldn’t want to wait for a phone call from Fury to take action. Then again, the studio probably couldn’t afford to bring in another Avenger for this one.

Since when has Fury been married?

Nick Fury kissing Priscilla in "Secret Invasion."
Marvel Studios

After Rhodey discharges Fury for his presence at the Moscow attack, the latter drives back to his house, where a Skrull named Varra cooks dinner when he arrives. It turns out Fury wasn’t entirely lying to Steve Rogers about being married, as this Skrull is actually Fury’s wife, Priscilla.

This makes everyone wonder exactly how long Fury has been married to a shape-shifting alien and what their full story is. Given that Fury is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this scene makes the audience eager to learn more about his personal life.

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