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A Quiet Place Part III will hit theaters in 2025

Paramount kept busy during yesterday’s Viacom CBS Investor Day by revealing its plans for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Star Trek 4, and more. Now, another Paramount franchise is getting a fresh installment. Via Deadline, John Krasinski revealed that A Quiet Place Part III is coming to theaters in 2025. Krasinski didn’t reveal if he will once again direct the sequel, but the project is still in development and the details may not be finalized yet.

Krasinski co-wrote the script and directed the first film in the franchise, A Quiet Place. He also co-headlined the movie with his real-life wife, Emily Blunt. In the postapocalyptic future depicted in the story, Lee (Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbott (Blunt) are a married couple who are among the few survivors after aliens wiped out most of the human race. Millicent Simmonds played their deaf daughter, Regan Abbott, while Noah Jupe played their surviving son, Marcus Abbott.

The key gimmick behind the film was that the aliens sensed and were attracted to sound. To protect themselves, the Abbott family stayed as quiet as possible at all times.

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place.

The first film was made for only $17 million, but it went on to earn $350.3 million worldwide. The sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, was release in 2021. That film only pulled in $297.4 million worldwide from a budget that was approximately $60. But given the ongoing pandemic conditions, it was still one of the biggest box office hits of last year.

Deadline notes that A Quiet Place Part III is separate from the Quiet Place spinoff that is being written and helmed by the director of Pig, Michael Sarnoski. Krasinksi came up with the premise for the spinoff, but neither he nor Paramount have revealed details. We may have to wait for that film to hit theaters on September 22, 2023, before we find out for sure.

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