Apollo 18 trailer wants you to join the conspiracy

You know what would make space scary? Beside, of course, the absolute vacuum, inhumanly low temperatures, inconceivable vastness, inhospitable locations and the lives of humans being just one defective part away from death at all times? A parasitic virus. Such is the plot of the upcoming horror film which theorizes the possibility of a seventh moon landing that was the subject of a massive cover up.

Quick history lesson: Only 12 men have ever set foot on the moon. The men were all part of the Apollo program that ended its moon landings with Apollo 17, which returned to Earth on December 11, 1972. There were other Apollo landings scheduled, but these were cut due to budgetary reasons once it was apparent that the Soviets had abandoned their lunar projects, thus allowing us to stand on the Earth’s only satellite and chant “USA, USA” into the vacuum.

In Apollo 18, the film theorizes that one additional mission was launched in secret, and the movie is a series of “real” footage recovered from the landing. According to the producers, the film is factual, and uses footage only recently recovered.  Spooky. During the Apollo 18 mission, a parasitic life form infects the crew. Hijinks ensue.

The film was originally scheduled for release on March 4, but was pushed back to April 22 (which the trailer refers to). From then it was pushed back to January 6, 2012 (which is still reflected on the website), but then yesterday it was pushed forward to August 26 of this year. So in theory, look for Apollo 18 in theaters later this summer.

[Warning: The following trailer may not be suitable for all ages]

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