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This is the single best TV show to watch on Hulu in September

Four main teenage characters from Reservation Dogs walking down the street.

Picking a great TV show is often a matter of just pulling something out of a hat. Sometimes, you get something great, but more often than not, what you’re watching isn’t really what you were looking for. If you’re finding that you spend hours scrolling through Hulu looking for something great to watch, we have the show for you. While the streamer has plenty of outstanding shows, there is one series that sits above the rest as the best original series that Hulu has to offer, and that show is Reservation Dogs.

The show follows a group of Indigenous teenagers as they navigate their lives together in rural Oklahoma. Iit’s equal parts comedy and drama, with a heavy dose of surrealism thrown into the mix as well. Here are three reasons why this show is absolutely worth your time.

It’s grounded in a perspective that is still rare on TV

Reservation Dogs (FX on Hulu) Trailer HD - Taika Waititi comedy series

One of the huge benefits of Peak TV has been the chance to see shows from perspectives that were previously almost entirely relegated to the background. Reservation Dogs is one of the best examples of this trend, as it’s grounded entirely in the lives of its central characters, which means that it’s also a revelatory look into what it’s like to live on a reservation in the 21st century.

There’s plenty of poverty without it ever feeling like overkill, and plenty of reminders of the generational traumas that have been forced on Indigenous people across the country. Those perspectives can make the show heavy at times, but it knows exactly how to strike the right balance between its various tones.

It features a stellar cast of young talent

Four kids from Reservation Dogs, walking in suits.
Shane Brown / FX / FX on Hulu

You may not know who the central actors are on Reservation Dogs yet, but we can only hope that you’ll become familiar with them as their careers explode in the years ahead. Although they’re playing teenagers, these actors are giving some of the most sophisticated performances on TV. There’s real hurt behind what drives these characters, but the performances also suggest the deep friendship them had ben established long before we met them.

Reservation Dogs is unafraid of varying its approach to the stories it tells, but the cast keeps everything firmly grounded in the emotions of these central characters, even when things start to feel a little outlandish or strange.

It’s one of the boldest shows on TV

The kids from Reservation Dogs sneaking around a corner.
FX on Hulu

Reservation Dogs is fairly lightly serialized, which means that every episode has the chance to veer in directions that are exciting and unexpected. While there have occasionally been some missteps, for the most part, that creative freedom has allowed the show to contain a wide array of situations that reflect the experiences of its characters. Few shows are as daring as this one often is, but every experiment feels like it’s done with real purpose and to add meaning.

Reservation Dogs is one of the best shows not just on Hulu, but on TV more generally, and that’s in large part because it has the confidence to go wherever its story and characters lead it.

Watch Reservation Dogs on Hulu today.

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