Amazon orders Bosch season 2 just one month after the show’s premiere

It’s been just over a month since Amazon released its original drama series Bosch via the Prime Instant Video streaming service, and the program has already been renewed for a second season, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Bosch is based on the best-selling book series Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly. It stars Titus Welliver (LOST, Sons of Anarchy) as the title character, a homicide detective, who finds himself in the midst of a wild goose chase after a man who confesses to killing a young boy escapes and sets out on a killing spree.

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Bosch is the second original series from Amazon to really turn heads – Transparent, starring Jeffrey Tambor, has won and been nominated for a slew of awards, and has largely been lauded by critics. Bosch has reportedly set a record for Amazon as the biggest weekend debut in its original series lineup. It has, according to THW, become the most-watched show on the service.

The script for season 2 of Bosch will follow along with the book series, with all of the major actors – including Welliver – returning to reprise their roles. Connelly will also continue as executive producer, along with Eric Overmyer, Henrik Bastin, and Pieter Jan Brugge. Connelly promises that the second season will focus on more exploration of the Bosch character. The main plot storyline will involve the murder of a Hollywood producer with ties to the mob; as well as a serial killer who has threatened Bosch’s daughter and ex-wife.

If Amazon continues on this roll, it’ll be a real contender for leader in the streaming TV original series category. (That category doesn’t yet exist on any major award show, but just wait, it’s inevitable.) And with 19 books in total in the Harry Bosch series, plus Connelly on staff with the TV adaptation, there’s plenty of material and opportunity to keep this show running for quite some time.