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Sci-fi thriller ‘Dark’ earns quick season 2 renewal from Netflix

Netflix Dark season 1
Julia Terjung/Netflix
Any show drawing Stranger Things comparisons seems like a solid candidate for a renewal, and that proved to be the case for Dark. Netflix has officially ordered season 2 of the supernatural thriller series, making the announcement less than a month after the show started streaming.

Dark has caught on in various parts of the world, as Netflix said it would when the series was announced. The streamer says the series — Netflix’s first German original production — is “now one of the most-watched entirely non-English shows” that the service offers. The  company also highlighted Dark‘s performance in the United States, Brazil Italy, Turkey, Spain, and France.

Showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese described themselves as being “overwhelmed” by fans’ reaction to Dark and seeing it take off around the globe. They promised they will continue their good work and give viewers “plenty of surprises” in the show’s second season.

“Viewers have been captivated by the secrets of our protagonists and have taken delight in unravelling the various puzzles that the story presents,” they said in a statement. “To know that we will now embark on our next journey is, for us showrunners, a dream come true. And our fans can be sure that we have plenty of surprises in store for the second season of Dark.”

Meanwhile, Netflix’s vice president of international originals, Kelly Luegenbiehl, highlighted the uniqueness of the show.

“When we first heard about Dark, we realized very early on that we hadn’t seen anything like this show before — in Germany or anywhere else in the world,” she said. “Dark is a testament that great storytelling transcends geography. We’re excited that our members around the globe are captivated by the mysterious world of Winden, and will now be able to continue to see how the story unfolds.”

The series does indeed have intriguing mysteries left to unravel. Dark is set in present-day Germany, in the town of Winden. There, two children disappear, and in the aftermath, secrets are exposed among four families connected to them. The story also explores the town’s dark past, which includes a “supernatural twist.”

Dark debuted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival in September, and then started streaming on December 1. All 10 episodes of the series to date are currently available.

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