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'Rampage' takes its toll on Dwayne Johnson in bloody new on-set photo

Dwayne Johnson
Helga Esteb/Shutterstock
Dwayne Johnson just does not stop. Even though July 4 was a holiday, the actor took the time to promote his upcoming video game-inspired action flick, Rampage. He did so by sharing a new on-set photo on social media, one in which he looks a little worse for wear.

In the photo, posted Tuesday on Johnson’s Instagram account, he sits alongside what seems to be a U.S. military aircraft. It has clearly been a long day for his character, given the dirt all over him and the bloody wound on his head. Yet, battered as he may be, he doesn’t look defeated. Johnson’s caption underscored that; he quoted the Dylan Thomas’ poem “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Johnson also tied his post into Independence Day and showed his gratitude to the entire crew for putting so much effort into the film. Their task isn’t easy: Video game-inspired movies have often proven to be big letdowns for fans in the past. They hope to buck that trend with Rampage, which takes a classic 1980s arcade game and gives it a plot.

From what Johnson has revealed over the past several months, we know that his character heads an anti-poaching unit in Rwanda and has a close bond with a gorilla. When his primate pal and two other animals are infected with a serum that makes them aggressive and dangerous, a rampage ensues. Naturally, it is up to Johnson’s character to save the day.

The film has a lot of promising elements so far. Not only did Johnson sign on to star in it, the cast includes Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike), Malin Ackerman (Showtime’s Billions), Naomie Harris (Moonlight), and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AMC’s The Walking Dead), among others. The project also boasts director Brad Peyton, who teamed up with Johnson again after their work on the 2015 box office hit San Andreas.

Johnson has been teasing the movie throughout their time filming. He has been generous with on-set photos, showing off the cast and technology bringing the story to screen. The movie is not due out till 2018, so we are enjoying his updates while we wait.

When my bestie, George (an extremely rare Albino silverback) gets hangry. Hungry + angry. Blown away by this technology. Makin' a cool movie for you guys here on set of #Rampage. When George (and a crocodile and grey wolf) are infected they grow at a rapid rate to gigantic proportions rampaging across the country. In this scene our Oscar winning Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, Avatar etc) is using their ground breaking "performance capture" to bring "George" the Silverback to life. It uses over 30 special cameras to "see" the performance of my co-actor @tallie7487 allowing the digital artists to make the most realistic and badass animations possible. He's wearing a "facial capture helmet" and we can record every muscle movement and expression and emotion of George as goes on a rampage. Jason studied gorillas for months preparing for this performance capture role – facial expressions, sounds, habits and emotions. Spectacular performance. What a learning curve for me and such a pleasure to help produce these amazing artists who come to set daily to be game changers. More to come. Amazing technology. #WETADigital #Hydraulx #Rampage #MyHangryBestFriend

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Rampage is set to take over theaters on April 20, 2018.

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