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Animatronics attack in new trailer for Five Nights at Freddy’s

This Halloween, the video game sensation, Five Nights at Freddy’s, is getting its own horror movie, courtesy of Universal Pictures and Blumhouse. The Hunger Games‘ Josh Hutcherson is headlining the film as Mike Schmidt, the hapless security guard from the first game who takes a job at a long-defunct restaurant, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Think of it as Chuck E. Cheese, if the old animatronics were out to kill you after dark. Unfortunately for Mike, the first trailer for the film reveals that Freddy and his fiendish friends have an even deadlier agenda than he imagined.

Five Nights At Freddy's | Official Trailer

The video makes it clear that Mike took this job out of financial desperation, which is also why he is taking his daughter, Abby Schmidt (Piper Rubio), to work. This turns out to be a spectacularly bad decision once the mythology behind Freddy’s is revealed. Apparently, the animatronics are possessed by the spirits of dead kids who were killed decades ago. Now Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy want Abby to be the latest addition to their band.

Three of the critters from Five Nights at Freddy's.
Universal Pictures

Assuming that this story goes the way of other horror movies, Mike is going to have to embrace his inner action hero in order to save himself and his daughter. Fortunately, Mike may also have some allies among the living as well, because he’s going to need them.

Elizabeth Lail also stars in the film alongside Kat Conner Sterling, Mary Stuart Masterson, Matthew Lillard, Lucas Grant, Jessica Blackmore, and CoryxKenshin.

Emma Tammi directed the adaptation from a script she co-wrote with Scott Cawthon and Seth Cuddeback. Five Nights at Freddy’s will haunt theaters on October 27.

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