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How about privately renting an AMC theater for just $99?

Fancy kicking back in a movie theater with some of your buddies like it’s your own personal screening?

Well, thanks to a number of cinema chains recently opening their theaters for private rental, you can do just that.

Even AMC — the largest cinema chain in the U.S. — is now offering such a service at a number of its theaters, with prices starting at just $99.

With the fallout from the coronavirus crisis leading to dwindling movie audiences or temporary theater closures, the offer is a way for cinema operators to try to claw back lost income. AMC’s most recently reported quarter from April to June 2020, for example, saw revenue of just $18.9 million, a colossal 98% drop on a year earlier.

Movie fans are feeling the misery, too, with local theaters shuttered and blockbuster releases delayed.

While the ongoing pandemic means that many are still understandably reluctant to sit among strangers inside those theaters that are trying to stay open, AMC and others are exploring other revenue opportunities by offering to rent out an entire cinema to up to 20 friends for a unique, private experience.

“Host a personal screening for one or make it a private party for up to 20 people total,” AMC says on its website. “It’s perfect for an everyday escape or a celebration to remember.”

Prices vary according to the movie you select, so, for example, older films like Shrek, The Conjuring, Hocus Pocus, Jurassic Park, and Monsters cost $99, while the recently released Tenet, The War With Grandpa, and The New Mutants, among other offerings, will cost between $149 and $349 (that’s $17.45 each for an audience of 20), depending on the theater’s location. Extras include tax, refreshments, and microphone rental ($100), and an early arrival fee of $250 should you want to enter the theater more than 15 minutes before showtime.

Interested in renting an AMC movie theater? To get started, fill out this form on AMC’s website and a company representative will be in touch within a few days. And don’t forget, other chains and independents are offering the same kind of service, so check your local theater for details and support them if you can.

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