Go, Go, Gadget trailer! Netflix gives a first look at <em>Inspector Gadget</em> reboot

A trailer for the hotly-anticipated resurrection of ‘80s cartoon Inspector Gadget has been released by Netflix, and boy, does it bring back memories.

Inspector Gadget and his sidekick Penny – the real sleuth behind the operation – along with Penny’s indispensable dog Brain, return to fight Dr. Claw who has reactivated his M.A.D. crime syndicate. And, of course, law enforcement needs Gadget and Co.’s help.

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True to his style, Chief Quimby appears in the oddest place, clearly interrupting an activity that Gadget has been enjoying during these past, oh, 30 years off. Luckily, neither the policeman – nor Penny – have aged a bit, so we must be picking up a short time after Gadget finalized his last assignment.

The notorious cyborg’s bevy of built-in tools are still fully in tact and operational, available at a moment’s notice by the simple command “Go, Go Gadget…” whatever it is he needs at the time. (Rest assured, whatever gadget it is, he’s got it.)

Gadget is still clearly the bumbling, clumsy, Get Smart-esque protaganist he’s always been. But clearly still gets the job done, too — thanks, of course, to Penny. One thing that’s sadly missing, however, is that signature theme song – dun, dun, dun, dun dun, Inspector Gadget! Frankly, the new song is reminiscent of a corporate makeover in the vein of the revamped version of the Wayne’s World theme song in the movie version once Rob Lowe’s snooty producer Benjamin got his hands on the “feeble cable access show.”

You can see for yourself in the trailer, and catch the show exclusively on Netflix starting Friday, March 27. There will be 26 episodes in all, available in the U.S. first, followed by other markets “at a later date.” Hopefully Canada and France are first on that list – production companies in these two countries (Nelvana and DIC Entertainment, respectively) first produced the original series.

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