The latest trailer for The Maze Runner keeps things puzzling

time fight new clip maze runner

It’s difficult not to be intrigued by The Maze Runner, the upcoming big-screen adaptation of James Dashner’s high-concept, post-apocalyptic story about a group of teenagers who find themselves trapped in the center of a massive labyrinth with no memory of their lives before they woke up there. The latest trailer for the film debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and generated quite a bit of positive buzz, and now it’s arrived online for the rest of us to see.

In the new trailer, which debuted at Yahoo Movies, we not only get an idea of the dangers lurking within the maze that surrounds the group of young men, but also an introduction to Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), the lone woman who is unexpectedly added to the group and seems to have some connection to one of the other recent additions, Thomas (Dylan O’Brien). As Thomas strives to piece together the mystery of their predicament and the maze, tensions mount and — as one might expect — the stakes do indeed rise.

Given that The Maze Runner was the first of three books in a series, there’s clearly a lot going on with the story and the possibility for another franchise, so expectations are high for the big-screen version of the best-selling novel.

The Maze Runner is the feature-film directorial debut of Wes Ball, and along with O’Brien and Scodelario, the films stars Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Aml Ameen, among other young actors. It hits theaters September 19.