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Comic-Con trailer for Marvel's Inhumans is full of drama and Medusa's hair

Marvel was out in full force at San Diego Comic-Con, and one of its most ambitious projects to date was previewed, in the form of a new trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans TV series.

The new trailer further immerses you in Inhuman’s mythology. For the first time, we get to see Medusa, played by Graceland‘s Serinda Swan, briefly unleash her powers by pinning Game of Thrones‘ Iwan Rheon’s Maximus against a wall. This is also the first trailer to mention the city of Attilan as a home to those with superhuman powers and show off new characters, such as Ken Leung’s Karnak and oversized pitbull Lockjaw, a being that transports Inhuman leader Black Bolt to Earth. 

ABC screened a few scenes from the first two episodes of the eight-episode season at San Diego Comic-Con this week. In one of the scenes, Triton, member of the Inhuman royal family, gets into some action while looking for Inhumans on Earth. In the story, Triton is sent to Earth by his cousin Bolt to rescue Inhumans after the harmful Terrigen Mist substance is found on Earth. In the comic, Terrigen Mist can give a human supernatural powers, but can also turn Inhumans into hideous monsters.

In a scene executive producer Jeph Loeb called “the dinner sequence,” Bolt is among the royal family of Inhumans and is questioned by Maximus for sending Triton to Earth to look for Inhumans. We get to see Bolt display his secret sign language which only Medusa understands, and their complex relationship gains another wrinkle.

One of the final scenes shown expands on the tension between Maximus and his brother Black Bolt, seen in the previous trailers. In the scene, Maximus has led a coup against his brothers and has ordered his henchmen to capture Bolt’s bodyguard Gorgon and Karnak, dead or alive. This scene also gave the most extensive look of Inhuman characters showing off their super powers. Though it was speculated back in 2015, Vin Diesel did not appear in the trailer.

The first chapter of the Inhuman saga will be unveiled to the general public on September 1 when it screens in IMAX theaters across the country. The full series will begin airing on ABC on September 29.

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