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Anonymous plans to exonerate subject of Making a Murderer doc with new evidence

netflix making a murderer anonymous evidence release
Have you watched Making a Murderer, the hot new documentary on Netflix? Without revealing any significant spoilers, it tells the twisting and turning story of Steven Avery, who was wrongfully convicted of assaulting a woman, and spent 18 years in jail before finally being exonerated. But the story doesn’t end there. And now, hacker group Anonymous has promised to release new documents that may shed additional light on the case, reports Business Insider.

New Tweets posted by supposed Anonymous members are setting their sights on the law enforcement officers involved in the case, suggesting they have evidence that could help not only further prove Avery’s innocence in the original attempted rape case from the ‘80s, but also reveal details about (spoiler alert) Avery’s second conviction for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach, which involved many of the same police officers.

A Tweet, posted by alleged Anonymous member @0Hour1, depicted a photo of Sargeant Andrew Colborn, who was featured prominently in the documentary, alongside a photo of the famous mascot for Planters Peanuts, Mr. Peanut. The tweet claims the group has evidence that it promises to release today. Clearly, the photo from Planters relates to allegations that police planted evidence in the murder case in order to secure a conviction for Avery.

More specifically, Anonymous wrote in another Tweet that it will release phone records between Colborn and another person heavily tied to both cases, Lt. James Lenk. And a Tweet from the account @OpAveryDassey, posted on December 27, gave Manitowoc County, the county in question, 48 hours to release the information themselves — or else.

It’s worth noting that there’s far more at play than just a vendetta against one man; Avery was in the midst of suing Manitowoc County, where the initial incident took place and where he was convicted, for his wrongful conviction in the rape case when he was arrested for murder. And the murder case sees another life at stake, as well: Avery’s young nephew, Brendan Dassey.

Many have argued that the documentary seems to weigh heavily in favor of Avery, and may have left out some crucial details for the prosecution. Nevertheless, it’s clear that something simply wasn’t right in this case, which is what makes it so intriguing. Making a Murderer was filmed over a 10-year period, and is featured on Netflix in 10, one-hour episodes.

There’s no word yet on when exactly Anonymous plans to release the information today. But there’s no doubt that, once revealed, it will have people talking even more about this riveting documentary.

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