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Netflix unveils the trailer for The School of Good and Evil

The year may be starting to wind down, but Netflix still has some big-budget original films to keep subscribers glued to their screens. And if this one gives you the Harry Potter vibes, it’s probably not a coincidence. The School of Good and Evil was briefly glimpsed earlier this year when Netflix previewed its upcoming film slate. Now, the streaming service has debuted the first trailer for the movie, which finds destiny turned upside down for two seemingly ordinary girls.

The School for Good and Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sophie (Sophie Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) are inseparable friends, and not even a summons to the School of Good and the School of Evil could change that. Regardless, their paths have been switched. That’s why Agatha is perplexed to find herself in the School of Good, while Sophie is seduced by darkness in the School of Evil. Sophie was supposed to become a future heroine, but if she chooses to embrace evil, then she could destroy the entire school.

The cast of The School for Good and Evil.

Netflix spared little expense surrounding Caruso and Wylie with an impressive cast of veteran actors. Leading the way are Kerry Washington as Professor Clarissa Dovey, Charlize Theron as Lady Lesso, Laurence Fishburne as the School Master, Michelle Yeoh as Professor Emma Anemone, and Cate Blanchett as the narrator and the voice of the Storian. Ben Kingsley, Patti LuPone, Rob Delaney, and Rachel Bloom also star.

Other cast members include Jamie Flatters as Tedros, Kit Young as Rafal, Earl Cave as Hort, Freya Theodora Parks as Hester, Demi Isaac Oviawe as Anadil, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi as Dot, Mark Heap as Professor Bilious Manley, Briony Scarlett as Reena, Chinenye Ezeudu as Chinen, and Rosie Graham as Millicent.

Paul Feig directed the movie and co-wrote the screenplay based on Soman Chainani’s novel, also titled The School for Good and Evil. Netflix will premiere the film on October 19.

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