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3 rom-coms on Hulu you need to watch in September

There are so many movies new on Hulu in any given month that it gets a constant refresh of films of every genre. So far, September has been a particularly good month on Hulu for romantic comedy fans, since several of those films have joined or rejoined Hulu’s cinematic library on the first of the month. Hulu was already well-stocked with movies from this genre, but now it has some of the best rom-coms that have been released within the last 23 years.

If you’re looking for your romantic comedy fix this month, we’ve got three rom-coms on Hulu that you need to watch before the end of September. And our picks for the month also tend to lean more towards comedy than romance.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in a wedding party in Wedding Crashers.
New Line Cinema

Wedding Crashers was promoted as a brash comedy with Loki‘s Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as a comedic duo. And while that’s not a misrepresentation of the film, it’s also a romantic comedy that focuses on two separate couples. In the film, John Beckwith (Wilson) and Jeremy Grey (Vaughn) are experienced wedding crashers who assume fake identities to pick up women for one-night stands. But at one wedding, the pair meet two sisters, Gloria (Isla Fisher) and Claire Cleary (Rachel McAdams), who may finally get them to settle down into stable relationships.

However, Gloria turns out to be way too clingy for Jeremy’s taste, and Claire just happens to be engaged to another man, Sack Lodge (Bradley Cooper). And considering that John and Jeremy introduced themselves with fake names, that secret hangs over their heads as they remain in the orbit of their respective would-be lovers.

Watch Wedding Crashers on Hulu.

Meet the Parents (2000)

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents.
Universal Pictures

Meet the Parents stands out as a romantic comedy because the courtship isn’t between Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) and Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo), it’s between Greg and her parents, especially her father, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro). Jack is an ex-CIA agent who is almost impossible to please and he immediately becomes suspicious of Greg.

It doesn’t help that Greg is a massively unlucky klutz who causes several accidents during the wedding weekend of Pam’s sister, Debbie (Nicole DeHuff). In fact, Greg’s actions are so disruptive that even Pam starts questioning whether he belongs with her.

This movie does have a real resolution, but it was so successful that it led to two inferior sequels: Meet the Fockers and Little Fockers.

Watch Meet the Parents on Hulu.

Easy Virtue (2008)

Ben Barnes and Jessica Biel in Easy Virtue.

Noël Coward’s Easy Virtue was previously adapted by Alfred Hitchcock almost 100 years ago during the silent film era. Stephan Elliott helmed the 2008 remake, which doubles as both a romantic comedy and a tragedy. Jessica Biel stars as Larita Whittaker, an American widower who falls for John Whittaker (Shadow and Bones‘ Ben Barnes) in the 1930s and impulsively marries him before they move to his family’s estate in England.

Unfortunately for Larita, her mother-in-law, Veronica Whittaker (Kristin Scott Thomas), and her sisters-in-law, Hilda (Kimberley Nixon) and Marion (Katherine Parkinson), take an instant dislike to her. And even John seems to be falling out of love with her the longer they spend with his family. Only John’s father, Jim Whittaker (Colin Firth), offers Larita any kindness and understanding. But it may not be enough to help Larita repair her marriage.

Watch Easy Virtue on Hulu.

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