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New ‘Silicon Valley’ season 4 trailer teases fraud, division, and crazy ideas

Smooth-sailing and the Pied Piper team seem to be mutually exclusive. HBO released the official trailer for Silicon Valley season 4 on Wednesday, and it is full of a new set of problems for the startuppers to cope with as they continue to navigate the complex world of tech entrepreneurship.

Updated 4-14-2017 by Brendan Hesse: Another short teaser clip for Silicon Valley season 4 dropped ahead of its premiere. While there is little in the way of new footage or plot points, we do get a couple brief, new moments, including a hilarious blip in which Richard requests that he keep the name Pied Piper after quitting the company (and nobody cares).

The end of season 3 seemed to unite the gang as they attempted to keep the company out of a rival CEO’s hands, but now that the dust has settled, their days of unity are apparently over. The trailer shows Richard (played by Thomas Middleditch) making big changes, namely, quitting his job at Pied Piper to focus on a new and innovative venture. It turns out that is for the best, though — the guys already had plans to replace him.

As we see, Richard isn’t striking out on his own; he has a helpful sidekick in Jared (Zach Woods). The two seem to be getting involved in some shady stuff, though. Jared describes it as “fraud,” while Richard rationalizes breaking a few rules “for the greater good.”

The fourth season of the quirky sitcom again brings back its talented cast. Middleditch and Woods are joined by T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Josh Brener, Amanda Crew, Matt Ross, Suzanne Cryer, and Jimmy O. Yang. Together, they’ve earned a host of nominations and accolades since the show began. For each of its three seasons, Silicon Valley has been nominated for the Emmy for outstanding comedy series.

We have high hopes for another strong season of Silicon Valley, and the trailer is part of that. It has numerous hilarious moments, from Erlich (Miller) “mansplaining” the term itself to Richard insisting he isn’t crazy while looking pretty insane. All signs point to the upcoming seasons being “rad.”

Silicon Valley season 4 premieres April 23 on HBO.

Article originally published in March 2017. Updated on 04-14-17 by Brendan Hesse: Added latest trailer information. 

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