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Excited for Superman: Legacy? Then read these 5 Lois Lane comics

The sunny disposition of the Big Blue Boy Scout is often the image we see in our mind’s eye when envisioning DC’s fictional urban sprawl of Metropolis being looked after by its Kryptonian hero. Clark Kent, or Kal-El as he was named on his home world of Krypton, might be Superman — a hero who is known for being ultra strong, nearly indestructible, and faster than a speeding bullet — but it’s ultimately his world within Metropolis that defines him. In fact, a long-time love interest and fierce journalist colleague at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, is one side of the Superman coin.

Now that the upcoming film Superman: Legacy cast David Corenswet (Pearl, Look Both Ways) as the Man of Steel and Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, House of Cards) as Lois Lane, interest in the characters is sure to peak once again among the masses. In recent decades, Lois Lane has become established as a crusader for justice in her own capacity as an investigative journalist. She isn’t simply a helpless dame for Superman to fawn over and save periodically as she once was in the Golden Age of comics. Lois is tough-as-nails and often fights her own battles using the tools at her disposal. In fact, in many popular storylines, she does plenty of legwork for the DC heroes before they even jump into the fray. With the massive talent of Brosnahan behind the role, the character will undoubtedly be a standout in the upcoming film. In the meantime, prepare yourself with some of the best Lois Lane stories DC has to offer.

The Man of Steel

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This six-issue series, which was published in 1986 and written and illustrated by X-Men comic legend John Byrne, presented Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s relationship in a brand new light — for the time. Prior to this series, Lois Lane was often treated as “Superman’s girl” so to speak. This story endeavored to edge in a more progressive outlook with the idea that Lois Lane is her own person, wholly independent of Superman. This is one of the first major instances where Lois is portrayed as a bullish and motivated journalist. Her career is her priority — not romance.

As the highlight of a superhero in Metropolis takes hold on the public, Lois actually coins the name “Superman,” in this series. The duo are later introduced to the maniacal Lex Luthor who shows that his depravity knows no bounds as he attempts to flush out Superman using a terror cell to assault a party on his own ocean liner. Ultimately, The Man of Steel is a prime must-read miniseries for those wishing to be inducted into the modern age of Superman and Lois Lane.

Superwoman (DC Rebirth)

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Lois Lane has always just been an ordinary human like the rest of us. But there have been times when she’s gained otherworldly powers to use as she sees fit. In the Silver Age, Superman managed to temporarily “gift” his powers to Lois so she could help protect Metropolis and be Superwoman for a day. Famed comic book author Grant Morrison even penned a modern return to this classic storyline in All-Star Superman #3.

But for those who are looking to see how Lois Lane would fair in the long-term as a superhero, the Superwoman series that emerged from DC Rebirth is the place to be. Lois Lane and Lana Lang both gain powers as a result of the death of the New 52 version of Superman. Lois is a standout as Superwoman as she races against the clock of her own mortality. That’s right, she doesn’t have long to enjoy her newfound powers before realizing that they’re slowly killing her. Lana gained solar abilities while Lois essentially took on the brunt of Superman’s other abilities. However, her human physiology isn’t mingling well with this power. With her time running out, Lois takes us on a thrill ride putting her powers to use in all the best ways.

All-Star Superman

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As mentioned previously, Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman briefly puts Lois in the role of a super-being as Clark grants her temporary powers through a serum. But that’s not at all why this limited series makes the list. The story revolves around the impending demise of Superman. Essentially, he becomes terminally ill after rescuing space-faring travelers. The very thing that normally rejuvenates him, the sun, winds up being his demise when a solar flare induces too much radiation into his system. With the knowledge that he will die soon, he spends his last days living life to the fullest.

Of course, like anyone with a death sentence, Clark spends much of his time with Lois. This story sees their relationship develop intimately as they come to grips with the inevitable. And while there is definitely some superheroic action to be had, it’s the quiet, heartwarming moments that ultimately make All-Star Superman a prime Superman & Lois story for the ages.

Event Leviathan

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This event comes by way of author Brian Michael Bendis after jumping off the Marvel ship and playing dungeon master to DC’s mightiest heroes in 2019. The series is reminiscent of Bendis’ work with Marvel including Secret Invasion and Secret War. From the get-go, Superman is absent and we find everyone’s favorite journalist, Lois Lane working in tandem with the likes of Batman and Green Arrow to investigate a conspiracy involving a shifty masked figure by the name of Leviathan. Claiming to be “many” like “legion,” Leviathan has taken down the bulk of the world’s intelligence agencies

Lois really gets her hands dirty in this comic book event that sees her acting mostly in Superman’s stead. While Leviathan is touted as being Superman’s next big bad, this story really positions Lois as the star player alongside heroes like Batman. There’s plenty of Lois Lane action to love in this limited run.

Lois Lane: Enemy of the People

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If you’re looking for a story rife with intrigue, secrecy, and a threat to the most powerful hero in DC comics, Lois Lane: Enemy of the People is your bag. While Lois was central to the late ’50s series Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane which was mostly full of humor and cheeky banter, this is really the first time Lois actually headlines a serious story worth following. Enemy of the People is a page-turner as Lois uncovers a dark secret that she must ultimately obtain proof of for the world to believe her. It’s a quandary that threatens the livelihood of her own beau, Superman.

It plays out like an espionage thriller as Lois constantly looks over her shoulder to ensure killers aren’t on her doorstep to bury her knowledge six feet under. Written by Heart of Stone writer Greg Rucka, this is one Lois Lane adventure you won’t want to put down.

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