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3 underrated movies on Hulu you need to watch in April 2024

Sebastian Stan opens a container in Fresh.

It’s April, meaning new movies have arrived on Hulu. In case you didn’t log on at the end of March, Anatomy of a Fallthe Oscar-winning legal drama from Justine Triet, is finally streaming on Hulu. Other new movies on Hulu include Don’t Worry Darling50 First Dates, and Little Women.

Hundreds of movies are waiting to be discovered beyond the homepage’s popular films on the homepage. All you need to know is where to look. Below, you’ll find three underrated movies on Hulu to watch this month. Our selections include a forgotten rom-com from 2009, a fun thriller featuring an emerging star, and a solid B-movie.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer.
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Upon its release in 2009, (500) Days of Summer was met with critical acclaim and admiration. Roger Ebert gave it four stars, calling it a “delightful comedy, alive with invention.” In the past few years, there have been countless pieces on why Tom is the villain and how its depiction of a relationship is problematic. While there is some truth to these opinions, Mr. Ebert’s review remains true in 2024: (500) Days of Summer is still a delightful comedy.

Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hopeless romantic working at a greeting card company. One day, he meets Summer (Zooey Deschanel), the new cute and quirky employee. The film chronicles the 500 days they spent together, jumping to seminal moments in their relationship. It’s not a spoiler to say they break up because the film reveals that tidbit early on. What went wrong? That’s what Tom (and the audience) attempt to find out.

Watch (500) Days of Summer on Hulu.

Fresh (2022)

A man stands behind a woman in Fresh.
Searchlight Pictures

While Paul Mescal has become a Hollywood star and Internet darling post-Normal People, please don’t sleep on his co-star, Daisy Edgar-Jones. The talented 25-year-old is destined for big things. Since playing Marianne in Normal People, Edgar-Jones has starred in a series of quiet hits, including Fresh, a 2022 horror film by director Mimi Cave.

Noa (Edgar-Jones) is sick of online dating. She yearns for a genuine connection that doesn’t involve a phone. Noa thinks she finds a winner in Steve (Sebastian Stan), a handsome stranger she meets at the grocery store. After a few dates, Noa agrees to go on a weekend getaway with Steve. Everything is perfect—until it’s not. After Steve drugs her, Noa wakes up in captivity the next morning. This is when the charming romance becomes a fight for survival. Without spoiling what happens, here is a hint: Dr. Hannibal Lecter approves of Steve’s behavior.

Watch Fresh on Hulu.

Escape Room (2019)

A girl tries to solve a puzzle box.
Sony Pictures

Of all genres, horror seems to have the highest hit rate for entertaining B-movies. Escape Room takes a popular puzzle game and gives it a sinister twist, resulting in a solid, 100-minute psychological horror. Six strangers — Zoey (Taylor Russell), Jason (Jay Ellis), Ben (Logan Miller), Mike (Tyler Labine), Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll), and Danny (Nik Dodani) — are invited to take part in an escape room with a grand prize of $10,000.

After arriving at a sketchy office building, the contest begins. After escaping the first two rooms, the game becomes a matter of life and death. What starts as a fun competition turns into a nightmare, with some contestants succumbing to the deadly rooms. Unfortunately for the group, the only way out is to keep playing.

Watch Escape Room on Hulu.

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