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3 underrated shows on Hulu you need to watch in December

Although Hulu has an excellent lineup of original shows, only a handful are actually actively promoted by the streaming service. One of our choices for December’s best underrated shows on Hulu, A Murder at the End of the World, was lucky enough to get a promotional push. The other two series are really flying under the radar, and they deserve better.

But that’s why we’re here to throw a spotlight on the three underrated shows on Hulu that you need to watch in December. A Murder at the End of the World is a good start, but you should also check out Black Cake and Obituary. Between these three shows, you should have more than enough binge-worthy stories to get you through the holidays.

A Murder at the End of the World (2023)

Emma Corrin in A Murder at the End of the World.
FX on Hulu.

A Murder at the End of the World actually has a bit in common with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. But the tone is quite different in this series. Emma Corrin stars as Darby Hart, a promising young detective who is invited on a remote retreat by billionaire Andy Ronson (Clive Owen). Much to Darby’s surprise, her ex-partner, Bill Farrah (Harris Dickinson), was also one of the invited guests.

While attempting to make peace with Bill, Darby discovers him near death under suspicious circumstances. Darby is also convinced that Bill’s death was murder. Proving that will be extremely challenging, especially since the extreme location of the retreat makes it easy for the killer to potentially strike again.

Watch A Murder at the End of the World on Hulu.

Black Cake (2023)

Mia Isaac in Black Cake.

Black Cake begins when estranged siblings Benny (Adrienne Warren) and Byron Bennett (Ashley Thomas) discover that their late mother, Eleanor Bennett (Chipo Chung), kept some pretty big secrets about her life hidden from them. Only through recordings left by Eleanor do her children learn that her real name was Coventina “Covey” Lyncook (Mia Isaac), a biracial woman who made a place for herself in the Caribbean.

Through extended flashbacks with Covey, we learn that Eleanor’s real name and background were just a few of the things that she was keeping from her kids. Covey had very good reasons to change her name and flee from her adoptive home. Now, Benny and Byron will trace their mother’s history together and potentially heal the rift between them as well.

Watch Black Cake on Hulu.

Obituary (2023)

The cast of Obituary.
APC Studios

Obituary is an Irish black comedy that hasn’t made many waves in the U.S. yet, but this is definitely an underrated show that deserves more attention. The series follows Elvira Clancy (Siobhán Cullen), an obituary writer in the small town of Kilraven who learns that her position at the local paper is being cut down to being paid “per obituary.” What’s a young woman supposed to do to increase obituaries? Why, kill people herself, of course.

The aptly named Elvira is going the full Dexter Morgan, and she’s even coming up with rules to wipe out the bad people in town while making their deaths look like accidents. It’s a real slippery slope that she’s on, especially when Elvira starts falling for her paper’s crime reporter, Emerson Stafford (Ronan Raftery), who may be the one man who can tie together her string of murders.

Watch Obituary on Hulu.

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