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What’s going to happen in the final season of Titans?

Titans, the HBO Max superhero series,  is about to premiere its final episodes on April 13, and fans are wondering what will become of the titular heroes. After almost four seasons of battling demonic cults, superpowered assassins, and evil scientists, the Titans must finish facing their greatest threat in Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem.

With just six episodes left and multiple plotlines still unresolved, it is likely that the following predictions for the fourth season will become a reality.

Donna Troy returns … with Arsenal

Donna Troy grabbing a sword in "Titans."
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Though she briefly died in season 3, Donna Troy came back from the dead at the beginning of season 4 and decided to join ARGUS and work alongside Roy Harper, whom many comic book fans known as the protégé of the Emerald Archer, Green Arrow. Considering the power that Brother Blood and Mother Mayhem possess, the Titans will likely need the help of the superpowered Amazon to level the playing field.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have a skilled archer join the fight (just ask Hawkeye), and it would be a treat for fans to see Arsenal make his on-screen debut in this show.

Dove flies back home and rejoins the Titans

Dove in "Titans."
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Though she was a prominent ally of the Titans for most of the series as the vigilante dove, Dawn left for Paris in season 3 after inadvertently causing the death of her partner/boyfriend, Hank. Such a trip was meant to help her process her grief after her traumatic loss, but she should reappear before the series ends, having achieved some closure. This seems likely as Donna intended to share a message she received from Hank from beyond the grave.

Red Hood joins the fight

Red Hood in "Titans."
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Jason Todd walked down a dark path in season 3 after Scarecrow resurrected him and drove him to become the ultraviolent vigilante known as the Red Hood. But after overcoming the effects of the villain’s anti-fear gas and defeating him in the finale, Jason opted to continue fighting crime on his own, regretting all the horrible things he did as the Red Hood. B

Since he is still on good terms with Dick, Jason could return to help him and the Titans defeat the Church of Blood, giving his character a complete and more satisfying character arc.

Trigon returns

Trigon in "Titans."
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Trigon is the evil catalyst for everything in this series, and his influence is still felt in his followers in the Church of Blood, now led by his son, Brother Blood. It only makes sense for Trigon to have a second coming in the show’s final episodes.

The villain suffered a lackluster defeat at Raven’s hands at the beginning of season 2, and after the show had built up so much hype for his appearance, fans felt that he deserved a better confrontation. And since he isn’t technically dead, his followers could somehow have him return to Earth, allowing the Titans to face Trigon in a battle that’s both fitting for the demonic tyrant and the series’ conclusion.

Conner meets Superman

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Conner Kent was supposed to meet with his biological father, Superman, at the start of season 4, but the Man of Steel was forced to cancel at the last minute to deal with some crisis in another galaxy. Despite this disappointing bait and switch, the show is clearly setting up an actual appearance by Superman.

The hero may be busy, but given the threat that Trigon and his followers are to the cosmos, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if he swooped in to help the Titans defeat them once and for all. But when everything is said and done, Conner should finally get to meet his dad.

Raven will die

Raven with white hair in "Titans."
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Rachel spent most of the first half of season 4 deprived of her powers. Fortunately, her magic abilities were restored during a battle against Mother Mayhem, with Rachel achieving her “White Raven” form. Those familiar with the comic book lore know that this is Raven’s strongest and purest form, as she is liberated from Trigon’s dark influence when using her power.

But if her fiendish father does return to wreak havoc on the universe, she might have to make the ultimate sacrifice to finally stop him. Since the show began with her, it’s only fitting that it ends with her.

Tim Drake becomes the Titans’ new leader

Tim Drake in "Titans."
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Tim Drake fulfilled his dream of becoming the new Robin at the end of season 3, but he may soon follow in the footsteps of his comic book counterpart and take Dick’s place as the Titans’ leader. Though Tim is still new to the role and has yet to debut his look as Robin, Dick has begun to overcome his fears of having others carry his responsibilities as a crime-fighter by deciding to train Tim.

This may very well lead to Dick completely passing the baton onto Tim, as the visions Dick and Kory had of their possible daughter hint that he may decide to settle down and start a family while letting Tim lead his team.

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