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3 underrated shows on Prime Video you need to watch in October

Amazon Prime Video has some great high-profile shows that everyone knows about. If you wanted to watch one of these, you likely would have by now. But there are also shows on the streaming service that might not have gotten as much fanfare but are worth adding to the watch queue.

Some of them are brand new while others have been around for years. Some are Amazon Prime originals and others began streaming elsewhere before being picked up by Amazon. Whatever, the case, these three underrated shows are perfect to watch in October.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2017)

Jean-Claude Van Johnson - Official Trailer | Prime Video

It only lasted a single season, but fans of martial arts and action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme will love checking out this Ridley Scott-produced action comedy drama. Van Damme stars in Jean-Claude Van Johnson as a version of himself who is actually a secret agent. He was just posing as a martial arts expert and movie star this whole time.

Van Damme, rather Van Johnson, decides to get back into the game to help take down a drug lord, discovering that there’s an even bigger threat: terrorists who have a machine that can control the weather. The action sequences are beautifully juxtaposed by Van Damme’s fragile ego, constantly upset when he isn’t recognized and repeatedly working his movies into conversations.

Stream Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Prime Video.

Lore (2017-2019)

Lore Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

With executive producers from The Walking Dead and The X-Files behind this horror anthology series, you can get an idea of the tone and what to expect. Perfect for watching before (or on) Halloween night, Lore is based on the podcast of the same name, telling a different story in every episode through a combination of footage and cinematic scenes. Stories center around everything from werewolves to cursed dolls, haunted houses, and serial killers.

Lore received glowing critic reviews for its first season, so it’s a wonder the series was canceled after two. Nonetheless, you can watch the episodes in any order and enjoy a unique telling of terrifying stories with a strong cast behind it, led by Robert Patrick.

Stream Lore on Prime Video.

Class of ’07 (2023)

Class of '07 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

A humorous and emotional take on an apocalyptic scenario, the story begins when Zoe (Emily Browning) reluctantly shows up at her 10-year high school reunion to warn the students of a potential natural disaster. She ends up stuck there when a tidal wave hits and wipes out the land beneath their school’s island peak. Considering she was recently embarrassed on national television and went into hiding for the last six months, being around a group of judgmental old acquaintances is the last place Zoe wants to be.

Watch as a group of women, each with very different personalities, decades-long grudges, and life troubles to hide, try desperately to survive and resolve their issues. Class of ’07 gets dark and sentimental at times, but at its core, it’s a funny show about female friendship.

Stream Class of ’07 on Prime Video.

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