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3 underrated movies on Tubi you need to watch in September

To say the Tubi library is big would be an understatement. There are over 50,000 movies and television shows on Tubi. Although variety is mostly positive, narrowing 50,000 options to one can be a daunting challenge. There will inevitably be movies that don’t even cross your radar.

Luckily, we curated a list of three underrated and best movies available to stream on Tubi in September. The group includes a coming-of-age love story, a modern-day prison break, and a terrific thriller from Taylor Sheridan. Check out our selections below.

The First Time (2012)

A man and a woman lay on a bed together in The First Time.

Remember what it was like to fall in love as a teenager? 2012’s The First Time is one of the more sincere and accurate depictions of young love in a movie. Written and directed by Jon Kasdan, The First Time stars Dylan O’Brien as Dave and Britt Robertson as Aubrey Miller. Dave, a high school senior, is practicing a speech to impress his crush when he meets Audrey, a junior at a neighboring high school, outside of a party.

Dave and Audrey spend the night talking about high school, love, and sex as they are both virgins. Audrey also has an older, immature boyfriend. For one weekend, Dave and Audrey form a loving connection and experience what it’s like to fall in love for the first time.

Stream The First Time on Tubi.

The Next Three Days (2010)

Two people walk in the park in The Next Three Days.

Lara Brennan (Elizabeth Banks, director of 2023’s Cocaine Bear) is sentenced to life in prison for a murder she did not commit. Three years later, Lara’s appeal fails, leaving her with no other option but to accept her fate, leading her to a failed suicide attempt. Desperate to save his wife, Lara’s husband, John (Russell Crowe), decides to break her out of prison. John meets with a former inmate (Liam Neeson, staying from his usual action movie hero mode) who successfully escaped prison multiple times to see if it’s possible.

Over the next three months, John meticulously plans the prison break, from studying the guards’ routines to buying fake passports and a gun. The Next Three Days is not a perfect movie, but Banks and Crowe elevate the material to provide an exciting prison break with a thrilling final act.

Stream The Next Three Days on Tubi.

Wind River (2017)

Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner as Jane and Cory in the forest in the film Wind River.
Image via STX International

Before Taylor Sheridan became the prominent showrunner for Paramount+, he was writing excellent films, like Sicario and the Academy Award-nominated Hell or High Water. However, his second directorial effort, Wind River, finds a place on the underrated list.

Cory Lambert (Hawkeye‘s Jeremy Renner), a wildlife officer, finds the frozen body of a young teenager on the Wind River Indian Reservation. FBI Special Agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) arrives to investigate the death, discovering the girl was beaten and raped before succumbing to the wintery conditions. Lambert and Banner team up to catch the murderer, but as they quickly learn, the people behind the murder do not want the truth to get out.

Stream Wind River on Tubi.

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