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A teen struggles to ‘pop’ his collar in new trailer for Wyrm

Do you happen to remember how and when you got your first kiss? No matter how awkward it may have been, it was probably not a matter of public record. Nor was there any physical evidence that you had never been kissed beforehand. However, that’s not the case for the leading character in Wyrm. This film takes place in a weird alternate world in which sexuality is part of the prerequisite educational studies curriculum. And we’re not talking about sex education. In order for Wyrm (Theo Taplitz) to move on, he has to kiss someone. Until that happens, poor Wyrm is forced to wear an electronic collar that serves as the source of his shame and embarrassment.

As demonstrated by the new trailer, Wyrm has more to deal with than just his social difficulties. He will literally be held back in school if he doesn’t get his first kiss soon. It’s also humiliating when his twin sister manages to get her first kiss before he can get his, which leaves him as the only kid in his class who has never been romantically kissed. And if that wasn’t enough to pile on the kid, there’s also some serious family drama at home.

Wyrm | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical

Here’s the synopsis for the film, courtesy of Vertical Entertainment:

“In a mid-90’s alternate reality, Wyrm, a lonely, adolescent youth, struggles to complete his Level One sexuality requirement (kissing), risking being held back in school and enduring a lifetime of embarrassment.”

Theo Taplitz in Wyrm.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lulu Wilson also stars in the film alongside Azure Brandi, Sosie Bacon, Natasha Rothwell, Tommy Dewey, Dan Bakkedahl, and Rosemarie DeWitt.

Christopher Winterbauer wrote and directed Wyrm, which will get a limited theatrical engagement on Friday, June 10.

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