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New Spotify survey: Music cures your Monday blues better than sex

new spotify study reveals cure for mondays mighty audio 2
A recent survey by Swedish streaming service Spotify has revealed an exciting cure for the Monday blues: Streaming music. The company polled over three thousand adults in five countries (with one thousand of the participants being in America), aiming to learn more about its Discover Weekly playlist, a popular feature which puts together a new list of songs for listeners each week based on their prior listening history. The study revealed some interesting new facts about listeners who jam out on Monday morning.

The study, which was conducted by Ipsos, found that music was just about as important as coffee for respondents at the start of the work week, with 44 percent saying that songs were an extremely valuable motivator during their Monday. By comparison, 46 percent named the hot caffeinated stuff.

Garfield may end up trading his lasagna for headphones; Beyond being an astounding motivator, according to those surveyed, music is the best treatment for the Monday blues, with music beating out food, exercise, and even sex as the best way to feel better on the week’s darkest day.

While these results are interesting, the high scores for tunes could have something to do with the fact that everyone surveyed was already a Spotify user — a group who is more naturally predisposed to love them some tunes.

Still, it does prove that the service is making the world a better place for some people. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has been responsible for over 5 billion streams since mid-2015 alone, and is one of the company’s most popular selling points.

“According to the survey, 42 percent of participants agreed they most need an energy boost early in the morning on Mondays,” said Spotify’s trends expert Shanon Cook, “Thankfully, Spotify’s Discover Weekly is delivered first thing on Mondays, so all listeners receive a fresh soundtrack to kick-start their week.”

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