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Stubhub syncs with Spotify to sell you scalped tickets to your favorite shows

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If you’re a frequenter of Stubhub, the online ticket reseller, Spotify is going to make your life easier.

The established ticketing agency just announced a partnership with the streaming service on its iOS app, StubHub Music. The StubHub app, which launched in fall 2013, will now link to your Spotify account to alert you when your new favorite find on the streaming service — or a guilty pleasure — comes to town. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it already has the capability to integrate with your iTunes’ library, share upcoming shows with friends, and buy tickets.

Now owned by eBay, StubHub’s move is its latest in reinventing itself. In the past, it’s been the primary culprit for ticket scalping, or reselling concert tix at significantly higher prices. In the latest StubHub price gouging news, the Grateful Dead farewell shows this summer are being resold for six figures — well above $60 to $200 ticket face value.

But the service does have value — especially for scooping up last minute ticket deals — and StubHub’s still a significant player in ticket selling, with 1.5 monthly users according to Quantcast.

“We are constantly thinking of ways to create a personalized experience for our fans,” explained head of StubHub Labs in a statement via USA Today. “StubHub Music is intended to help fans make sure they are not missing their favorite artists when they come to town.”

The app’s latest update will also include a “Music News” section with interviews from StubHub’s upcoming ‘Music Experience’ event at South by Southwest. On tap for the three day event are up-and-coming artists including  Portugal. the Man, Future Islands, The Vaccines, MS MR, The Mowgli’s and others.

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